Goon Squad: the punk wave that hit La Porte


There are many friend groups and social niches in LaPorte High School, from the various sports teams to several friends who became close throughout the years. Possibly one of the best and most interesting of these is the Goon Squad at LPHS. Made up of 25 to 48 members, this huge collection of Slicers is pushing forward a punk wave at LPHS.

Started by now senior students Ethan Gaze, Sebastian Martinez, and others when they were in the seventh grade, the Goon Squad has only grown in size. Their loyalty and love for each other sets them apart from other friend groups.

“Goon Squad is more of a family to me than friends or anything,” Gaze said. “Eventually we ended up picking up more people that thought they didn’t have anybody, thought they didn’t have friends.”

Not only is it a friend group, but several of its members have described the Goon Squad as a family for kids without one. Many talked about how joining the group has taught them how to socialize and become better men. They also commented on how the other group members supported them when they were struggling with something, whether it be emotional, financial, or personal.

“We are all there for each other,” Jacob Seidner, member, said. “We will show up to his house and try to cheer him up.” 

There are other sections of the Goon Squad that aren’t mentioned as much however, such as Scooter Squad and Glory Boys. The smaller groups branched off of Goon Squad and regularly interact with each other.

“Part of the Goon Squad used to be scooter riders and grew up in the same schools, but last year they went to the skate park and went in massive groups,” said Anthony Ritchie, member of both Goon Squad and Scooter Squad.

With anything that’s popular yet different, there are many misconceptions about Goon Squad, one of them being that they are a gang. Gaze has refuted this rumor and described them as more of a community.

The newest member to join, Ryan Foster, sophomore student, was honored and he immediately felt like the group supported him through all his struggles. 

“It’s nice to have those older people there for you,” Foster said. “It means a lot; most of them are some of my closest friends.”

Most of the time the different members of the group will hang out with each other, usually skating or simply just having fun with each other. Needless to say, there were many fun stories told by these individuals of the times they’ve had together.

Gaze recalled a couple of memories with the group. The most notable being one time where the whole group went to the skate park and just hung out together, laughing and enjoying each other’s company. 

While they are a collection of friends who support each other, they are also planning to support a cause. Gaze has looked into the idea of the group doing community service and has even volunteered with a couple other members at the food pantry.

Although Gaze and the other original members of the group will be graduating this year, there are no plans to stop the comradery of the Goon Squad, and the older members trust the younger ones will hold the torch through the rest of their high school years.

Whether it be in the skate park or the halls, the Goon Squad will be infamous and continue to push the boundaries of the high school, all while being there for each other like the family they are.

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