Satchwell signing out


Some aspects of me never changed while attending high school: my love for my childhood, for dumb movies that make me cry from laughing, and for Tik Tok, of course. However, throughout the years I noticed myself stop reaching for the books I once adored. My love and passion for theater was gone in an instant. My 4.0 dissipated. Yet, my fear of failure never changed. I never stopped biting my nails no matter how hard I tried. Also, the possibility of being human trafficked is always on my mind. Although high school permanently altered my life, I believe that these changes benefited me. LPHS taught me that I don’t need a 4.0 to be enough. I outgrew my old hobbies, but I realized that it at least meant I was growing. Who knows where I would be without this school? Jail? Probably not, but I am grateful for the experiences this school has granted me. Sometimes, change is beneficial, and LPHS has definitely changed me for the better. 

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