Senior Goodbye: Alex Kring


Reflecting on my high school career is difficult. It all feels like a blur to be honest. From the moment I walked through the intimidating double doors, I was bumbling my way through my early social encounters, but now I merely pass through them today. I was bored out of my mind and just wanted my overlong school year to be over with. To me, it was all just a massive fever dream with big consequences that weren’t yet apparent to me.

It was weird to be honest, I feel like most people think I had a pretty typical high school career and went through the same things everyone else did, but I never felt like I fit in with anyone. For my first two years of high school I was practically an alien, blending in with the social norms, friend niches, and other things that my fellow students seem to succeed with ease. These were not so easy for me to emulate, however. It was all a struggle for me; interacting with people, managing my grades, keeping my cool. 

Through all the confusion and whirlwind of emotions, I learned a lot about myself and the people around me. I learned that just because you act happy and hyped up, doesn’t mean that your emotions are coming from a good place, and that being quiet and unnoticed is sometimes the purest version of yourself that you can be. I learned that most people are drowning in their own insecurities and problems, and I probably am, too. The reason most people talk, interact, and make the decisions that they do is because they are dealing with their own interpersonal problems. This can draw them to you but also push them away. I learned it’s best to let go of the past and hatred you hold, even if it’s overwhelming and all-consuming.

I can say that my high school experience was good for me and taught me that in life there is always going to be a struggle, and life is about finding the moments of fun and peace in the madness of it all. Everyone is crazy, I swear there isn’t a normal, sane person. They’re all people that, when you get them at the right time, they’ll tell you something that will shake you to your very core and question yourself, them, and the world around you. 

Everyone is evil, but everyone is also truly good. It’s all a battle of light vs darkness within our inner selves, and it’s a war that we are all either losing or winning against. Don’t push someone away just because they are losing. Fight for them until there is nothing left.

I guess what I’m trying to say is embrace everything about yourself. The good and bad, because at the end of the day it’s you. If you spend your whole life battling yourself, you’re never going to be happy. Even if it makes people mad, you must embrace the darkness and the light and become one.

I hope everyone reading this has a great high school experience and lives a long, prosperous life.

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