Lute-Brown touches heart and minds


La Porte schools have been fortunate to have a staff of amazing educators who genuinely care about and love their jobs. Mrs. Lute-Brown, English teacher at LPHS, has consistently shown her adoration for students and teaching, as well as her fellow teachers. 

Lute-Brown has been teaching for 21 years, with the most recent 13 being at La Porte High School. She got her bachelor’s degree in Secondary Education in English from Indiana University Northwest and obtained her master’s degree in English at the University of Denver. 

Lute-Brown was inspired to pursue a career in education after having unique and passionate English teachers in high school and gaining a passion for the subject. Lute-Brown appreciated the more independent and abstract element of English and saw herself pursuing the subject for a career. 

“I have always loved English and reading, ever since I was little. When I was in high school, I had awesome English teachers. They were funny, quirky, and had an interesting way of viewing the world. I liked that and wanted to do that myself,” Lute-Brown said.

Although Lute-Brown isn’t a student herself, she still loves learning and appreciates growing in ways of thinking. In fact, her biggest motivation is seeing how people work, which makes observing and teaching students fun for her. 

“My biggest motivation is learning and curiosity. I tend to wonder how things work, and I am interested in people. I like to know what makes people tick and how the world runs,” Lute-Brown said. 

The most rewarding aspect of teaching for Lute-Brown is seeing students blossom into the grown young adults they are meant to be. Since she has been at LPHS for over a decade, she has taught siblings of former students and generations of students. She finds this to be rewarding because, in a way, she is changing with them. 

“I teach mostly seniors, and watching people who are so close to moving on to the next stage in their lives is a cool and neat experience. It’s awesome to see people starting off and beginning a new chapter in their lives,” Lute-Brown said. 


Though teachers are the ones instructing, they typically learn several valuable lessons throughout their days in school. Lute-Brown works on not taking herself too seriously and has learned the importance of such through her years in education. 

“When I feel strongly about something or am teaching something important, I come across as serious; however, I’ve learned that it isn’t the end of the world if a student doesn’t like the content, because we are all different after all,” Lute-Brown said. 

As valuable as her time was at LPHS, Lute-Brown has made the difficult decision to continue her teaching career at Chesterton High School. Although she has adored her time here, Lute-Brown is ready to move onto a new stage in her career. 

Lute-Brown’s favorite part of LPHS is the people here–students and fellow educators alike. She has made lifelong friends with the other instructors in the English department. Likewise, these are the people she will miss most when she departs. 

LPHS is beyond wistful to see Lute-Brown move on to a fresh start but also excited to see what comes next for her. Countless students and staff members have been personally touched by Lute-Brown’s warm, sincere personality and immersive way of teaching.

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