Hunt hikes up to assistant principal


Olivia Wright, Editor


Though LPHS is undergoing many changes regarding teachers and staff, there is one staff member who has remained constant throughout the years: Mrs. Jennifer Hunt. 

After starting out as the newspaper and yearbook adviser in 1998, Hunt decided that even though she loved teaching and had done so for nine years, counseling was a new passion she wanted to pursue. She took classes in both school counseling and administration, eventually settling on pursuing counseling. After over a decade of being a school counselor, Hunt has joined the administrative team at LPHS as an assistant principal. 

“I was the journalism/English teacher and eventually adviser for the newspaper and yearbook. It was a lot of fun. When I became a counselor here at LPHS, I actually became a department chair and ran some initiatives in the corporation for counseling. By doing that, I started missing seeing kids more often so I went back and got my principal’s license, and now I have some extra responsibilities and this position opened this year,” Hunt said. 

Hunt knew that she wanted to be a teacher and eventual school counselor from a young age. She loved observing her teachers and paid special attention to their lesson plans and how they interacted with students. She knew she wanted that in her future. 

“I moved around a lot as a student, and I always found that school is a comfortable place for me. I noticed from a young age that when teachers put in the extra effort to make the lesson fun that I wanted to do that,” Hunt said. 

Hunt loves the busy and diverse environment that LPHS provides. She believes that the students and teachers are great representatives of the community and showcase the best of LaPorte. 

“My favorite part of being here at LPHS is how busy and diverse it is. You’re seeing a piece of the community, and it’s true when they say that school is the hub of the community,” Hunt said. 

Hunt has many broad goals for herself and students this school year. Getting used to traditional learning after so many students did distance learning last year is her top priority. Some students have been out of in person school since March 2020, and Hunt wishes to address potential learning loss and challenges brought on by that time. 

“My goal for this school year is to get everyone accustomed back to traditional learning. Some of the kids have been out for almost a year and a half, and it’s going to take some time for them to adjust,” Hunt said. 

A job as fast paced and demanding as Hunt’s requires a great amount of motivation, of which she has plenty. Hunt loves her job and wants to be the best she can be at it, for both herself and students. 

“My biggest motivator is being able to be the best version of myself I can be. I want to make sure my life has purpose, and my job is more than a paycheck. I want to make a difference in students’ lives,” Hunt said. 

In her free time, Hunt enjoys reading, traveling, and getting out and engaging with the community. She also enjoys spending time with her family, including a daughter who joins her in the halls of LPHS as a freshman. 

LPHS is lucky to have such a hardworking and passionate administrator looking out for students and staff.