Student Council readies for the 2021-2022 school year


During the 2020-2021 school year, many school clubs were affected and weren’t working at their full capacity because of COVID.  One of these clubs was Student Council, but now the group is trying its best to make this year one of the best. It is ready to try new ideas and get more students involved.

On August 27th, Student Council had its first official meeting.  Talking about how to make Student Council more student-led and its plans for this year, the club has exciting events planned, besides just the usual favorites of Homecoming and Fall Ball. 

“Most of the time students only come in for Homecoming and then leave, but we want the fun to keep going throughout the year, so we encourage students to stay and we can hopefully come up with more fun things for this year,” art teacher and Student Council co-sponsor Mrs. Mendez said.

Student Council does more than picking out spirit week themes and decorating the Fall Ball. They hold fundraisers, make up class games, and approve clubs for the school. In fact, in their first meeting, they approved a club called the Diversity Club. 

“Helping people out and holding school events is definitely a highlight of Student Council. It is very relaxed and fun,” Student Council member Joss Dean said. 

There is a great deal of excitement around the club this year. If Slicers would like to participate and help out, join Student Council. Students can pick up an information packet from Mendez in Art Room 2 or co-sponsor Mrs. Lowry in room 4.16. The first three meetings are the most important. 

“Go ahead and join, You get a lot out of it,” Student Council member Nathan Behima said. 

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