Ramer prepares period packs for LPHS students


Mrs. Ramer, the LaPorte High School Child Development teacher, has recently gained community attention through her idea to provide feminine hygiene products to LaPorte Community Schools. Ramer came up with the idea when surfing the app Tik Tok and decided to step in to help Slicer students.

“I saw it on Tik Tok, and I thought it was kind of neat, and I know so many female teachers already buy stuff to supply to their students, so I thought it would be cool to take donations so that we don’t have to buy,” Ramer said.

Ramer’s idea ended up taking off and making its way around the internet. Many people have shared and reposted her Facebook message, as well as donated to her cause. Ramer has received around a thousand products, with pads being the main product.

“I didn’t mean for it to be a whole thing. I just wanted to make a few for my classroom and other teachers, and anyone who would want them. Then the community pushed for donations and ended up donating thousands and thousands of feminine products,” Ramer said.

The community has been extremely supportive and involved with Ramer’s idea. She returned home from work many days to a porch full of packages from loved ones and complete strangers.

“It just happened by accident but I am so happy. The outpour from the community has been insanely positive. It’s 99% women, but there have also been men in there like ‘Hey I had to raise my daughter myself, and it’s great to see you doing this,’” Ramer said.

The period packs that Ramer is distributing consist of pads, tampons, panty liners, feminine wipes, sanitizing wipes, and inspirational stickers.  They can be found in her classroom, the nurse’s office, some teacher’s classrooms, and even the middle school. 

“A lot of the products are actually going to be donated to the middle school. I reached out to the nurses there, and they are in desperate need of donations, so they were seriously tickled to hear that they were getting this stuff. I wish more teachers at LP would reach out and get the stuff they need because a lot of teachers do supply it, and now we have the ability to have all of this stuff for free, so I am hoping people take advantage of it,’ Ramer said.

While creating the period packs, Mrs. Ramer taught her students how to use the products as well as the importance of period education and period poverty.

“I showed them every single product and how it works and how to properly dispose of them because some of them never actually get to have a sit-down talk. I feel like there’s a huge taboo about it. It’s not a dirty process; it’s a human process. But I feel like a lot of girls are shamed about it because it’s an unseen struggle,” Ramer said.

Ramer’s students have also been supportive and incredibly interactive in class when it comes to creating the period packs and expanding their knowledge of the human reproductive system. 

“I was kind of expecting the kids to be shy about it, but I had almost 100% participation and excited participation. They were really happy to do it, and they thought it was so cool and students even donated. I loved it,” Ramer stated.

Seniors Wyatt Ake and Marley Schable have praised Ramer for her idea to create the packs. 

“I think it’s really nice how some teachers and other students are getting involved in helping other kids that are not as fortunate with the period packs,” Ake said.

Mrs. Ramer has also touched on period poverty, which students believe is an important topic that should be discussed in the classroom.

“I thought it was a really good idea because there are so many things talking about period poverty and so many people can’t afford those products, so I think a lot of people can go to Mrs. Ramer if they need help,” Schable said. 

Mrs. Ramer has created a safe space to engage in conversations about menstruation and the human body within her classroom. Her period packs have brought to light a large problem within schools and communities.  


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