Cooper, Parker sprinkle smiles on LPHS students


Being in high school can be overwhelming. Most students enjoy something to distract them from the stress. Luckily for the ones at LaPorte High School, they have many wonderful teachers who make the best for all students. Two of those teachers can be found in J.Hall–Miss Parker and Mrs. Cooper. They help to make LaPorte High School a brighter place than it is, and make J Hallway a joyful journey from class to class.

These two have been connected at the hip for over 11 years

When Parker graduated from Indiana University in 2009. She started working at LaPorte High School in November of that year as the B.11 computer lab assistant. This is where she met Cooper, when one day Cooper brought her class down to the lab to work. The two instantly bonded.

 “From the moment we met, we just clicked and were friends automatically,” Cooper said. 

In 2010, Parker landed a position as an English teacher, but Cooper was farther down the hall. Teaching together helped strengthen their bond. The confines of their friendship was not just limited to the school. They would hangout outside of LPHS and the two work friends quickly became a family.

In Parker’s second year, the classroom next door opened up, which allowed the two friends to literally be connected and with each other all day.

They took the fun that they were having in their classrooms and eventually expanded into the hallway. The things that they did in the hallways often incorporated props from Cooper’s drawer, filled with light sabers, plastic chickens, tiny hands, and many other fun objects. One day Parker decided to take one toy out into the hallway and start playing with it.

“Gradually I would find things that my kids at home had outgrown so I would bring them here, and they were so much fun to have here that I brought all the toys here and there were no toys at home,” Cooper said. 

The fun they have in the hall helps the students of LaPorte High School get through these days that can be hard to deal with. Cooper and Parker want LPHS students to be cheered up and feel like school isn’t a super stressful place. The students of LPHS aren’t going to be focused on things like drama or things that are going on at home because of the fun.

“People don’t worry about the drama. They just ask themselves what these weirdos are doing,” Parker said.

Cooper and Parker would highly encourage every teacher in LaPorte High School to step outside of their classroom during passing periods and let some stress out and make some kids’ days.


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