Diversity Club boosts inclusivity at LPHS

Diversity Club boosts inclusivity at LPHS


The 2020-2021 school year was deeply impacted by COVID-19 regulations, including the meeting and production of various clubs around the school district; however, this school year is opening up new opportunities for staff and students to get involved with programs that matter and create diversity around the schools. One way that LPHS is promoting inclusivity is with the formation of Diversity Club. 

Diversity Club was an idea that senior Lu Trice Franklin developed when she noticed that many students and even staff members didn’t quite recognize the adversities that some students at the school frequently face. She was inspired to found the club when she became impassioned about celebrating diversity and educating others on important issues faced. 

Going through certain things made me realize that the school doesn’t always recognize what people of color or any race goes through on a daily basis,” Franklin said. 

Franklin, in addition to being the founder of Diversity Club, is also the president. She has far reaching goals for the program and wants as many people involved as possible in order to achieve those objectives. Franklin would like the club to be a part of the community and help people within it. She plans on doing community service and going to the middle school to talk about Diversity Club and making connections early.

“My goals for the club are to reach out to the community and get noticed and to actually be a part of something to help people understand what we stand for and listen to their struggles,” Franklin said. 

There are no requirements in joining the club. One simply needs to be serious about making a difference and helping others in the community. Meetings are held every other Wednesday after school and consist of conversations regarding struggles members face everyday in the school environment and even outside of school. Each month, Diversity Club will celebrate a different heritage or culture, such as Black History Month in February and many more. 

Franklin would like the impact of Diversity Club to be schoolwide. She hopes more people will recognize that humans are all the same and that everyone deserves to be treated that way and feel comfortable in a school setting. 

“Everyone is different but we bleed the same. We need to start accepting one another for who we are,” Franklin said. 

Diversity Club is a great addition to the wonderful clubs and community that LPHS offers. 


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