Beloved Vincent joins LPHS English department


LaPorte has welcomed around 30 new teachers to the Slicer family this year, and one special edition is beloved English teacher Miss Vincent.

After working at Boston Middle School and then LaPorte Middle School for four years, Vincent decided it was time for a change and moved up to LaPorte High School. 

“When I went to school here, I was getting into a lot of trouble and making poor decisions. A few teachers pulled me aside and took an interest in me. No matter what I said or did, they kept caring, and eventually it sunk in and it worked, and I want to be that same person for my students,” Vincent said.

Vincent has quickly become a great asset to the high school. She is teaching 9th grade English as well as Senior Technical Communications. 

The jump from 7th grade to high school has been special for her.

Teachers take on a great deal of responsibilities. From helping a kid who just needs to talk to going to department meetings every week, somehow these teachers still have the passion to wake up in the morning and impact the lives they come in contact with. Vincent is one of those teachers who comes in with a smile on her face and is ready to take on the next day.

  “I feel like kids today are bombarded with all these things that should or shouldn’t be. Creative choices and expressions are frequently left out, and they often don’t get chances to explore their passions or have that support. I want to be that person for them because I know how much it did for me, so I just want to pay it forward,” Vincent said.

The one aspect that has not changed is her love of helping students.

“I love being able to help and take care of my students. I just love helping people and believe that some students need help more than others,” Vincent said.

Vincent is not only an amazing teacher but also an outstanding club sponsor, selflessly taking over both Interact Club and Key Club in her first year.

“I think that if some of the things I’ve been so fortunate to lead with student had been available in the same capacity when I was in high school, things would have been a lot better. I would have made better choices, and I would have felt more fulfilled and not acted out so much,” Vincent said.

Vincent has been helping LP schools by running clubs just as much as she’s been helping by being a teacher. When she was at the middle school level, she ran Builder’s Club and helped to make an impact on many students and many community members. Her mission is to do the same thing at the high school.

Vincent spends much of her time at school, but her home life has added a new love. Back in March, Vincent had her first baby boy. She has been juggling a great deal with school, two clubs, and her own beach glass business. Somehow, she still thrives through her day with no hesitation.

Recycling is a passion for Vincent. She collects recycling in her class, then takes it home to make it into different pieces of art. She also collects beach glass, and makes them into beautiful pieces of art as well.

“I made a few frames and put them on Facebook, then people began asking for them, asking for duplicates, etc. It also gave me a creative outlet, and a way to share my passion for glass with others,” Vincent said. 

LPHS is grateful for this new addition to the school and can’t wait to see what’s to come in Vincent’s adventures.

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