Up and coming mathematician at LPHS


In a sea full of seniors, one sophomore stands out. Carter Moses has found solace in the most complex of equations, which has led to him being the sole 10th grade student in AP Calculus.

Moses’ advanced knowledge started out earlier than most when his mother sat him down around the age of four and started studying basic math. From then on, he quickly picked up the skill and memorized the little things early on, which made more complex math easier in the long run. 

By his seventh grade year, he was already taking Algebra 1, which is normally taken in freshman year. In his eighth grade year, he was leaving middle school to go to the high school part time to take health, math, and VLA courses. The school had set up a bus to take him to and from the high school.

“It was a lot more freedom, and it felt like I had a lot more time to myself to not only focus but prosper,” Moses said.

During his freshman year, he took Algebra 2 and Precalculus. Now for his sophomore year, he is taking AP Calculus. 

“I see someone else pushing harder and I figure ‘Why can I not push that hard?’” Moses said

Being advanced in his studies brings a strenuous homework load. On some nights, he finds himself doing up to five to six hours of homework. Whenever he would find himself with free time, it would instead be filled with doing his work load to get homework out of the way while staying on track and keeping ahead. All of the pressure doesn’t get Moses down though because he truly loves the many responsibilities on his plate and has great support from friends and family.

“If you have the passion for it and you love it that much, it doesn’t really matter,” Moses said. 

Moses’ intense schedule often leads to a great deal of stress. He has found ways around the stress or at least to alleviate it including using many reminders and writing things down on a whiteboard, which for him it is helpful to be able to check things off. On some of the nights where he became overwhelmed by the workload, he would wake up around 3:30-4 a.m. to get his work done. 

On top of his academic career, Moses is highly involved in many extracurricular activities including tennis, baseball, and leadership club. Baseball, above all his extras, stands out as his favorite.

Moses started playing baseball around the age of five and played Park and Recreation baseball until he was nine. From then on, he played travel ball in the northeast corner of Indiana until he was 11. Moses also played for the LaPorte Crush around the age of 12 and then went on to play in Grand Rapids for around a year. More recently, he played on a team out of Florida for about a year and a half until the COVID-19 virus came into play, leading up to now where he is playing for the La Porte High School team.

For his upcoming high school years, he is looking into taking anatomy classes and numerous math and science classes to help him for his future. He plans on hopefully going to an Ivy League for medical school to study to become either an optometrist or an ophthalmologist. Athletically, he aspires to become a professional baseball player, though he does want to be able to fall back on the academic side of things. 

From the looks of it, Moses will continue to be a stand out in any room or activity he is involved in. His work ethic and focus are second to none.

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