Former Slicer bakes up a successful business


When Emma Watterson graduated from LaPorte High School in 2019, she never imagined being a successful business woman.

Before starting her business, she had planned to become a teacher, but her love for baking triumphed. In 2019, Watterson and her mother started Get Baked Cookie Co. out of her home.

Watterson’s business idea came about when she started baking with her mother and scrolling through Pinterest. The positive feedback from her family inspired her to start sharing her talents with others. Like most people, Watterson wanted to make money doing something she loved.

“My favorite thing about running a business is looking back and seeing all the profit and fun I had and having creative freedom because it is my business. And that you can always try new things,” Watterson said.

Get Baked Cookie Co. is mainly a cookie business but does not shy away from other baked goods.

“My favorite things to bake are anything I can eat. I really like baking cakes, cookies, brownies, and anything with pumpkin,” Watterson said.

Watterson has perfected the art of baking and spends day and night working on orders. In the month of August, Get Baked Cookie Co. was completely booked, with Watterson’s cookies being in high demand.

“Depending on how many I have, one dozen takes two to three days, but multiple orders take about a week to get everything done because I am picky about what I produce. I get about seven to 10 a month with most of them being in the fall or around Christmas,” Watterson said.

Like every artist and their craft, Watterson has dreamed of the day of pursuing baking as a full-time job and growing as a baker.

“Ideally, I want to quit my 9 to 5 and do cookies and crafts forever. I would like to do more cookie orders and get better and not critique myself,” Watterson said.

Watterson is currently planning for the upcoming fall and winter holiday season and has many ideas that she is ready to share with the public.

“I am excited for Christmas and Halloween because this time, I will have the time off to do whatever I want and try new things, especially chocolate bombs because those were popular last year,” Watterson said.

Watterson can be contacted on Instagram and Facebook @getbakedcookieco.

From just baking for friends and family to having a successful business, Watterson has shown that a hobby can become something more and that fellow Slicers should follow her in the footsteps of making their dreams come true.

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