Kesling adds Hise as Kesling Intermediate assistant principal


Richard Hise, previously a social studies teacher at LaPorte Middle School, has now started the school year as an assistant principal at Kesling Intermediate School. A beloved teacher, Hise knew leaving the classroom would be hard but ultimately a chance to make a larger change. 

“I have the chance to make a larger impact among the students. In a classroom I could reach 100 to 120 students; as an administrator I have the chance to impact over 900 students. I’m still in the beginning stages and have yet to see the impact I’ve made compared to 10 years of teaching. I’m excited to see what I can do,” Hise explained.

The Kesling Intermediate assistants have helped Hise immensely in his journey. Mr. Wilmsen, Mrs. Marks, the assistants in the office, and other assistant principals are all staff he considers family inside of the school. He has been working alongside them for almost two years as he went through the Aspiring Principal Program, a program for teachers who would like to enter into administration.

“I’m turning to them every hour for help. The support they have shown has made my job immensely easier. As soon as I started working, it felt like home. They’re all so open minded and helpful,” Hise said.

Community and family are important to Hise, and because of this, he plans on bringing in mentors for the younger kids to look up to. He wants to have leaders in the community and older students connect with the students and help guide them on the right path. He is also working on a workout program for students to learn about healthy habits and exercise.

“It would be a six-to-nine week program for the kiddos, only once or twice a week for 30 minutes. It gives students a chance working out and learning about nutrition, while getting the community involved,” Hise said.

The program is only one of many things Hise has going on. From the moment he starts working at 6:30 a.m., it’s “go-time.” He has to meet with other teachers, attend meetings, answer teachers’ calls, deal with students acting up, parents calling in, questions about teachers, students, and lunch duty. Despite the never ending schedule, Hise has never been happier.

“It’s organized chaos, but I love it; it’s awesome. I love the nonstop action. I always have to be ready for the next knuckleball. I thrive in the moving environment. Being everywhere and seeing everything is something else. It’s so much more fast paced than teaching because now not only am I helping students, I’m helping everyone,” Hise explained.

Hise has aspirations to one day reach a higher level of administration. He hopes to be as impactful to the students as he can.

“I read something over the summer, and it said that throughout your professional career, it is always important to change it up every ten years or so. It was funny because I had spent 10 years teaching, and then boom, here I am in a new position. I absolutely want to be a principal at some point, a few years down the road,” Hise said.

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