Kenzie’s Netflix top 9


When I finish a show on Netflix I get sad and angry because I always wonder what to watch next. I go online and look for shows, and I still never know what to watch. I want to share my top nine favorite Netflix shows with Slicer Newsroom readers to save them from the same pain. Remember these are my nine shows, and everyone’s opinions are valid. 

# 9-  Alexa and Katie

Alexa and Katie is a sweet show about a teenager, Alexa, who gets cancer and learns how to overcome her pain. She learns how to go through her life and tries to do the same things she has always done even though sometimes she is tired or sick and doesn’t really feel like doing anything. It shows the ups and downs of her friendship with Katie through the trials she is working to overcome.  It also shows all of her cute, giggly high school moments and how she still makes the best of her life even with the issues that are going on.

I highly recommend this show for anyone who just wants a good show to watch that has the childhood vibe. 


#8- Country Comfort

Country Comfort is about a woman–Bailey–who is going through a tumultuous time in her life and was recently dumped by her boyfriend. It starts to storm, and she runs into a ranch house of a family, and they think she’s the new babysitter. She doesn’t really understand, but then she tries to explain to them what is going on until a tornado appears, so they all run into a basement. She tries to sooth them and make them not as scared by playing some music. The show shows how she bonds with the family and helps the little girl through the loss of her mom. 

I recommend this show to anyone who want a quick watch one day while doing homework.


#7- American Horror Story

American Horror Story is a great watch for viewers who like things that are a little twisted. Every season is a different creepy story. In my opinion, Asylum is the best. It’s the story of a woman that gets put in an insane asylum and how she isn’t crazy, but all the people around her are. There are 10 seasons of this show.


#6- New Girl

New Girl is a funny story about a girl that gets cheated on by her boyfriend and is trying to figure out where to live. She finds an ad in the newspaper about some people who are looking for a roommate, so she goes to the interview. Come to find out, it was three boys. New Girl shows the ups and downs of their friendship as well as how they learn to live with a different gender. Viewers quickly fall in love with the characters and watchers as they get through in their lives and how they help each other get through it.

I recommend this show for anyone that wants a good laugh and likes shows like The Office.


#5- The Good Place

The Good Place is a show about this girl who dies and goes to heaven, also known as “The Good Place.” She gets a house that’s made specifically for her and the style she likes. She also is in the same place as her soulmate who is chosen for her. She lives in a beautiful town and gets new, cool friends. She makes friends with the man in charge and learns about the things that occur in The Good Place, but she thinks things are a little fishy because she doesn’t believe she belongs here. The story shows her adventure to figure out what is going on in this place they call The Good Place.


#4- Switched At Birth

Switched At Birth is a tv show about two girls who were switched at birth and the story of them finding each other. They found out that when they were born, a nurse put the wrong name bracelet on the wrong kids. When they got older, Bay had a test done because she didn’t think that her parents were her actual parents. She later found out what had happened. This show details their lives, how they all come together as one big family, and the ups and downs of learning how to be a family. Daphne is a deaf girl and the family learns to sign and treat Daphne as their own while Bay learns to experience her life with her mom Regina and help to learn about her family and her culture. Through the rough times, they work through it and all eventually become one big happy family.


#3- Outer Banks

Outer Banks is a story about a boy named John B. whose parents are both absent in his life. It shows how he lives with his friends in his house and all the adventures they go on. After a storm, John B and his friends discover a boat under the water and are thrust into a world of mysteries, discoveries, and a world of the unknown. It also shows the struggle for them because they are considered pogues, the lower class, and they fight with people called Kooks, the upper class. The two groups don’t get along, and they are both trying to get the treasure as well.

I recommend this show to anyone who likes a little mystery and wants a show to look forward to when the next season comes out.


#2- Sweet Magnolia 

Sweet Magnolia is a show about lifelong friends who grew up in a small town. It shows what’s going on in all of their lives and how they work together to get through their day to day life. The main character recently divorced her ex-husband for cheating. It shows how she regains her strength and helps her kids get through it while her friends help her, and falls in love with someone new.

I recommend this show to anyone who likes small town shows with the small town feel. It’s a great show for people of all ages. 


#1- Grace and Frankie

Grace and Frankie is one of the funniest shows I have ever watched. It show’s the story of two old ladies whose husbands are gay married each other. Grace and Frankie are going through this tough time and are losing their things they own while having to figure out new places to live. They decide to move in with each other, but the problem is they are completely different people. They end up living their lives and helping each other get through these tough times. Their children are also going through things as well. Everyone doesn’t get along and how they argue in a sibling way.

  I recommend Grace and Frankie to anyone that likes a good laugh. It’s definitely a great funny show that will make viewers laugh even on their lowest days.

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