Sophomores roll a critical in creating a new club — Dungeons and Dragons


School is often rooted in reality since students learn real things that could help them in a career later in life. Sophomores Memphis Biller and Kegan Rees decided to create a club that can help bring fantasy into an average school day.

Throughout their lunches in their freshman year, Biller and Rees began to joke around and use their imaginations. Rees became interested in Dungeons and Dragons (DnD) when he found a YouTuber he enjoyed was a Dungeon Master, which is the player of DnD that controls the game and rules. 

Rees told Biller about the game, and it was after that when the two of them worked together to create their own version of the game by themselves at home. In Christmas of 2020, the boys began accumulating official rulesets and guides to the game itself.

During Mr. Martin’s English class at the beginning of the year, he mentioned in passing that he had been an avid player of DnD years prior. 

“I had mentioned in one of the classes that I had participated in different campaigns, and Memphis and Kegan came and said to me, ‘Hey, we want to start a club.” I said we might as well try to see what the interest is like, and it ballooned from just these two to over 25 in less than a week,” Martin said. 

Soon after contacting Martin to help host the meetings, another English teacher Ms. Johnson agreed to partner in sponsoring the club. The first meeting is on Wednesday, October 6, and there are no obligations to go to every meeting. 

“Ms. Johnson and I have started making a plan to make sure all of the games are interconnected, that way if players have to come and go they are able to work together to make sure the games can continue regardless. It’s just going to be one long game spread out over several tables,” Martin said.

The meetings are scheduled to be every Tuesday and Thursday, but that could change depending on how the first meeting goes on Wednesday, and the meetings will switch between Johnson’s class and Martin’s class. Martin emphasized that people can join whenever they want, even if it’s late. 

“This club is going to be as inclusive as possible, between classes and availability. We just want people to come in and have fun,” Martin said.

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