Seniors soar above expectations


Senior year means many different things for high school students. Some are scrambling for scholarships, some for acceptance letters, and some are soaring above the rest. Seniors Maya Oswald and Veronica Karagory have both participated in piloting lessons at the Eagle Airport Flight School in Valparaiso. 

Karagory is tech savvy and loves everything that has to do with computers and cameras. She spends most of her time working and hanging out with her friends. Karagory loves new challenges and felt that getting her pilot’s license would be a fun and rewarding experience. 

“I want to go into aviation in one way or another. Long term, I would like to become a pilot,” Karagory said. 

Karagory wants to attend Purdue University for airport management. She’s interested in taking flight lessons at Purdue Airport while she gets her education. Her ultimate goal is to become a full-time airline pilot. She plans on getting her private piloting license before she graduates high school. She adores the view she gets from the sky.

“I’ve always been so interested in the smaller planes that fly over LaPorte, wondering what it looks like from their perspective,” Karagory said. 

Karagory took a friend with her for her first flight lesson. They flew over La Porte for an hour, circling the lakes and downtown area. 

“Everything was almost unrecognizable from the bird’s eye view,” Karagory said.

She was extremely nervous for her first flight. Karagory’s fear of “falling” out of the sky made her experience a bit nerve wracking. She concluded that the more experience she gets with the controls, the safer she’ll feel. Her favorite part by far was the take-off. 

“The feeling of pulling the acceleration and lifting into the air is a unique experience,” Karagory said. 

Oswald is an avid reader and a member of National Honor Society. Oswald realized she wanted to be a pilot when she took a two hour long flight to visit a family member in Arizona. The view of the clouds was all that she could focus on. 

“This view kills. This is it. I don’t care what it takes. This is what I’m doing,” Oswald said.

Oswald wants to attend Purdue West Lafayette for three years in order to get her commercial pilot’s license. She’s extremely excited to continue her path towards becoming a pilot.

“Being above the clouds–in the clouds–it’s crazy. It’s like nothing I’ve experienced before,” Oswald said. 

Oswald and her dad flew over Lake Michigan and around Michigan City with her instructor. She’s exceptionally confident about her abilities in flying.

“I’m a natural,” Oswald said.

Oswald got to take the pilot’s seat: controlling the steering and the liftoff of the plane. The liftoff was what made her realize that flying was what she wanted to have as a career. Her favorite part was the stall, the part of the flight where the engine shuts off and the plane falls nearly 1,000 feet from the sky. 

“It was a stomach-in-your-throat type of moment,” Oswald said.

These seniors are flying high above the expectations already set for them, and LPHS is excited to watch them take flight in their careers. 

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