Two paws up for the Thibideau family


Some say dogs are a man’s best friend, but for junior Kate Thibideau this is a way of life. The Thibideau family has been fostering dogs for about five to six years now and have taken in over 200 dogs.
The Thibideau family receives a pregnant female dog who is about to give birth, and they take responsibility for that litter. They take care of these dogs in their house, with spaces for them in their shed and basement.
“We keep them for six weeks and then get them their shots. At eight weeks, we take them to get adopted,” Thibideau said.
The Thibideau family volunteers to do this through an organization called Lakeshore Paws.
“Through Lakeshore Paws, we take them there, and they usually stay there to do meet and greets with people who want to adopt them or wait there so they can get spayed and neutered,” Thibideau said.
The Thibideau family first started volunteering to take care of dogs about six years ago when they adopted their first dog from Lakeshore Paws. Then they decided to give back.
“My mom loved how Lakeshore Paws was, and she wanted to give back to them. During that time, they were at a rough spot and didn’t have many people to help foster dogs so my mom volunteered to help,” Thibideau said.
After volunteering for so long, Thibideau’s mom learned how to help mother dogs give birth to their puppies and regularly goes in on Saturdays to pick up new litters.
“I got to see the mom give birth to Strike, which was definitely really cool,” Thibideau says.
Usually, the dogs from Lakeshore Paws are rescued from all over the states. Lately, the organization has been getting many dogs from Texas due to the hurricanes. Luckily, these dogs have a special place to go to once they go to the organization.
Even though fostering does sound like a dream come true for every dog lover out there, there’s definitely some hard times.
“It’s hard because you get attached and want to keep them all. I remember there was this one dog that we had for a year, but we couldn’t keep because we already had five, and he got adopted. I didn’t get to say goodbye, and I cried so much,” Thibideau said.
The most dogs they’ve had at once was a mom with a litter of 13, two dogs from a different litter, and one dog they adopted for themselves. They have kept four dogs in total, and their names are Finn, Luna, Sophie, and Strike.
Even though there are some hard times, it definitely doesn’t outweigh the good ones. The Thibideau family is proud of what they do and will continue to keep taking care of dogs until they are ready to adopt.
If anyone would like to adopt a dog, check out their Facebook and Instagram at Lakeshore Paws or visit their website

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