Freshman nails lead role in school play


Future Broadway star Elle Hopper has scored the lead role in LPHS’s upcoming play, “Love of a Pig.” 

Even though Hopper was nervous to audition, Hopper believes the audition process went well.

 “I went in with three other people and read the lines given. I read for Jenny specifically and then I went back in to read her monologue. After that, I went in to read the script with her love interest,” Hopper said.

Hopper isn’t the only one who believes the audition went really well, so did director Mr. Sanchez. 

“This play is a comedy, and when students come to audition, the number one thing as a director is I see who can make me laugh. Being specific about Ellie–she had a very strong comedic timing. On top of that she has a big city presence, and the main character, Jenny, really resonates more with her,” Sanchez said. 

Hopper is ecstatic about getting the lead role as a freshman but also nervous when it comes to memorizing the lines for her role.

“With this specific play, she has a ton of lines so there’s going to be a lot I have to memorize,” Hopper said. 

The play is a comedy about the main character Jenny. Jenny finds a new love interest named Joe, but having bad luck with love Jenny ends up making the wrong choices. 

The high school theater isn’t where Hopper is stopping; she plans to go to college and make it to the big stages on Broadway. 

“My dream college is NYU, only because of their musical theater program. I will definitely pursue acting when I’m older,” Hopper said. 

“Love of a Pig”  is scheduled to play on November 19th, 20th, and 21st in the Performing Arts Center. Hopper and her fellow Slicer thespians are sure to wow the crowd.

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