Kehoes returns to LaPorte


Tabitha Kehoe, former LaPorte High School student and mother to four former Slicers as well, has recently joined the school staff as the new Student Services administrative assistant.
The friendly face is a welcomed addition to the LPHS team.
“I direct students if they need to talk to an administrator, answer the phones, help with work ethic, help with the Learn Today Excel Tomorrow program, organize senior cap and gowns, and help with whatever the principals really need me to do,” Kehoe said.
Kehoe previously worked as a kindergarten/special needs assistant at Handley Elementary but decided to stay home to do in-home childcare. She returned to work about three and a half years ago after deciding she missed being with the kids in school.
“I missed the kids and decided I wanted to go back to school. I’ve always tried to be positive for students who may not have very many positives in their lives at the moment. I enjoy the kids and trying to help where I can help,” Kehoe said.
The administrative team Kehoe has recently started to work with help her strive to perform at her greatest ability, and she enjoys being able to assist them through their days at the high school.
“I work with a really great group of people who have really great skills working with the kids, and I try my best to watch and learn from them as well. They’ve really impacted me with the way they handle things,” Kehoe said.
Joining the LPHS team is a homecoming for Kehoe, who was a 1985 graduate of LaPorte High School. Following after, her four children have all graduated from the school, too. LaPorte, however, has changed immensely between their time here and hers.
“The school is nothing like it was when I went here. The building is much bigger than before, and many of the teachers who had taught me have retired now,” Kehoe said.
Jennifer Hunt, LPHS assistant principal, has come to greatly care for and appreciate the love and dedication Kehoe has for her job.
“Mrs. Kehoe has been an excellent addition to Student Services. She is organized, helpful, and does an excellent job thinking on her feet. She comes to LPHS with a wealth of school building and student experiences. We are truly lucky to have her on our team,” Hunt said.
At times, Kehoe’s job can be stressful and even heart breaking, as she experiences what certain students have been through. Despite this, she continues to treasure her new position in the school and everything she does.
“I don’t like to see when things don’t really go the way they should for students. I try to help the best that I can, when I can. Otherwise, I love my job. There’s no aspect I can even think of that I dislike,” Kehoe said.
Kehoe has enjoyed working at the high school. Her colleges and the student relationships she has made will continue to impact her as she continues to be a role model for the students.

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