Ellis’ creativity making waves at LPHS


LPHS’ Class of 2022 has continued to wow the community in many ways, and senior Jake Ellis is one who continues to shine brightly. Ellis has been creating highlight videos for the LaPorte Slicer sports team all while maintaining a successful academic career and jewelry business.

Ellis started recording sports for fun out on the dirt bike track, but it soon turned into a passion. 

“I would have my dad film me and that’s when I really got into editing because I would make compilations of myself and try to make them look really cool, but when I actually started filming, I was about 12 or 13. I would film my friends that ride dirt bikes, and when I got into high school last year, I actually started filming some videos for the track team because I was on it already, so after I was done pole vaulting, I would film the other people,” Ellis said.

Ellis gained notoriety through his highlight reels when he released his first video for the 2021 track season. The video, found on Instagram, was a hit among Slicers and fueled Ellis’s passion to continue filming sports. After seeing the hype the video had received, Ellis decided to continue filming school sports, including the 2021 fall sports season.

His first two videos, highlighting varsity football and varsity volleyball, were a hit among Slicers. Many were excited to see the action and highlights from each game, including Ellis, whose favorite part of filming is being right next to the courtside or field-side action.

“When I used to be in the student section, I would get distracted by my friends, but when you’re so close to the field you really feel you’re a part of it even though you’re not on the team,” Ellis said.

Ellis has become a large public figure at LaPorte High School with his videos creating newfound relationships between students and athletes alike.

“I think it’s really helped build my relationship with the friends that I already have, and especially the football team, because that’s what I’ve been doing a lot. I seem to have met a lot of people on the football team that I hadn’t known before with being so close to the sidelines. I feel like I know a lot more people on the football team now because they know who I am so they’re not scared to talk to me in the halls and talk to me about my videos. Outside of just the athletes, I’ve talked to a lot of different parents, and I feel like it’s cool that I have so many connections in LaPorte right now through my ring business and through filming that might benefit me in the future,” Ellis said.

With such a knack for creativity and being naturally talented behind the camera, Ellis hopes to pursue a career where he can let his creative side show.

“I want to major in digital/multimedia so it’ll be a part of what I’m doing, but I don’t think I’ll be a full-time producer or anything like that. I think I’ll be more in the field of graphic design, but I definitely see it [film] in my future, especially on the side,” Ellis said.

With such a busy schedule, Ellis seems to have nailed down a regime for his business, filming, and school.

“Most of the time, I’ll spend two to three nights just filming the sports alone and then usually I like to do the editing the night of or the night after, and that kind of takes up a whole night out of the week for me with just editing, so I try to balance that with the ring business because I want to work on my rings an hour or two a day if I can or more,” Ellis said.

Ellis loves every highlight reel he produces, but like every artist, he has his favorites.

“I made an end-of-season edit for the track team, and that was really cool because I was a part of that team, and I was also making videos for them, as well. I made a video for Brennan Balka, and I put a lot of effort into that, and I tried to make it as cool as I could. I think that there’s a lot of work in the future that will be better because you really get better as you do more,” Ellis said.

Ellis is well-known throughout LaPorte for his impressive editing skills, but he’s also known for his creativity and outstanding artistic integrity. When he’s not out getting shots of Slicer athletes for his next video, he’s keeping up with Cub’s Den, his ring business, and working on designs. 

“Graphic design is really cool. I like creating logos. My ring business is also important to me. I like being able to have control over the way I make money instead of just working for a company,” Ellis said.

He was recently a vendor at the LaPorte County Farmers Market, the Sunflower Festival, and  A Whole World Of Good on Lincolnway where he sold his rings. His brand, Cub’s Den Jewelry, has been a hot commodity among LaPortians looking to “WEAR ART.” Even though he’s been filming more, that hasn’t stopped him from furthering his business.

“I redesigned my website, which I think looks really cool with the new background, so it looks more professional. I’m looking into creating necklaces within the business, like making pendants out of the silverware that I usually use for rings and using basic chains. I’ve also talked to people who would like to mix in their photography with my website, so I think that would be a cool collaboration with some that will share their work and work on their portfolio but also benefit them and myself,” Ellis said.

Being a hard worker is an obvious personality trait of Ellis’s and was seen by the Lily Foundation when he was selected as a finalist for the Lilly Foundation Scholarship, a prestigious scholarship that pays the full tuition of any Indiana university of the applicants choosing, showing just how hard-working and versatile he is. 

Ellis is a clear representation of the creativity and hard work that flows through the halls of LaPorte High School.

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