Day of the dead


Day of the Dead is a Mexican holiday starting on November 1st and ending on November 2nd. On Day of the Dead, it is believed that the dead come back to this world to see their family and loved ones. Many relatives allow them to come back by making an ofrenda, which is an altar where they place pictures of past people with flowers, candles, and their favorite foods.
According to, Dia de los Muertos goes back to about 3,000 years ago in pre-Columbian Mesoamerica. The Aztecs and other Nahua people living in today’s central Mexico believed there was a process after death. During the process of death, a person is believed to travel to the Land of the Dead. After traveling to the Land of the Dead, the deceased have to go through nine challenges before they can go to their final resting place.
To help past loved ones reach their final resting place, Nahua rituals would come into play where they would honor their loved ones by making altars as a way to help them through their challenges.
Throughout the years the way of celebrating the Day of the Dead has changed. Audiences have seen how it has been celebrated in movies like the Disney Pixar movie Coco. LPHS sophomore Jazmine Carrillo enjoys the holiday annually with her family. To Carrillo, the day of the dead means celebrating life and appreciating loved ones.
“It is a very awesome thing to celebrate because past loved ones come to see you and they are around their favorite food,” Carrillo said.
Carrillo’s favorite part of the holiday is setting up the ofrenda with her mom.

“We celebrate by making an ofrenda for all the loved ones we lost and remembering who they were by telling stories and talking about the personality traits they had,” Carrillo said.
Carrillo and her family start celebrating on October 27th, and every day leading to November 2nd, they give an offering to their loved ones. The people they put up in their ofrenda are Carrillo’s grandparents from both sides and her dad’s brother and uncle.
When the Day of the Dead ends, Carrillo and her family go to their tombs and clean it up.
“We pull out the weeds, put fresh flowers, and put a Virgin Mary statue by their tombstones and then we say goodbye till next year, ” Carrillo said.
Overall, the Day of the Dead teaches one special thing to everyone who celebrates and learns from it: to cherish the time spent with loved ones because one never knows when they are leaving this world.

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