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Guest Writer Mr. Lawson – Once again, I am a believer…


When you get older, there are little things that bring you back to your childhood. I had one of those experiences today. I walked into the Park Department maintenance building to pick up a set of keys to the park building. When in the building, I saw the 18-foot fiberglass Santa, the one that stands on the corner of Highway 2 and 35 during the holiday season. St. Nick was laying on the ground in three pieces–head, body, and leg. He looked like Santa the day after a long Christmas night.

I remember the first time I saw the 18-foot Santa when he made his first appearance in 1968. I was 10 years old, the age where you start thinking about if Santa is real or a made-up character. That Santa made me a believer.

That Santa is 18’ tall and weighs 500 pounds and is held up cables right next to a big evergreen tree on the courthouse lawn. This Santa will be 53 years old this Christmas. There are only two of these 18’ tall Santas of that model left in the United States. A new Santa would cost $18,000. As a community, we have to give the parks department credit for taking such great care of such a great item for such a long time.

When I saw the big Santa face looking at me, I had to take a selfie with him. His face looked newly painted and his clothes were fitting him just right. While being with that Santa for those few minutes, I became a believer again. In a few days, he will make his appearance again on his corner making people believe in Christmas magic. 

It was nice to see this big guy again. I swear he hasn’t aged a bit.


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