Alondra Pedraza: a high school phenomenon


Alondra Pedraza, a senior at LaPorte High School, has taken her hard work and determination for extracurriculars and academics to the next level.

Throughout high school Pedraza’s main focus has been maintaining her 4.0 GPA while working and playing soccer. Her academic and athletic performance has always been a priority for her, knowing that was the best course for her to lead a successful life.

“There have been some ups and downs, but it has not been overly challenging for me to maintain my 4.0. I’ve always understood I should keep up with my work and make sure to understand the information that has been taught. I want to make the most of the opportunity my parents have given me,” Pedraza said.

While maintaining perfect grades, Pedraza has involved herself in many extracurricular activities such as National Honor Society, Student Council, Art Club, Spanish Club, and Indiana Academic Super Bowl.

“These clubs have helped me get more involved with my school and community. They have also allowed me to organize myself better to ensure that I can stay active in all of them. I enjoy meeting new people, and these clubs have helped me expand my social circle,” Pedraza said.

Outside of school, Pedraza excels on the soccer field.

Pedraza has been playing soccer ever since she joined the LaPorte girls soccer team her freshman year and earned the title of captain this year. Through her four years of soccer at LaPorte High School, Pedraza has gone through three different coaches, and four years of teammates.

“The change of soccer coaches throughout my high school years definitely affected my experience to where I have had to continuously improve myself as a player because they did not know much of the potential that I hold; however, the changes have allowed me to learn how to adjust quickly to major shifts such as getting used to the new teaching with each new coach I’ve had,” Pedraza said.

The family and friends Pedraza has surrounded herself with have motivated her to reach her highest potential every day. Because of this, Pedraza aspires to reach peak athleticism and maintain the healthiest physique possible.

“I do believe athleticism is a way of life, but to an extent. This is because many athletes in LaPorte have taken their athletic abilities to a greater level, and this has opened opportunities for them and kept them on track in order to maintain good standing inside of school. This has inspired me to pursue that athleticism,” Pedraza said.

Pedraza has recently committed to Ancilla College of Marian University. There, she will be studying nursing and has already committed to play soccer for the Chargers.

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