Love of a Pig review


LPHS put on its first play of the school year Love of Pig on November 19th, 20th, and 21st, marking Roberto Sanchez’s directorial debut for Slicer Performing Arts.
Sanchez took over directing after the departure of Rich Snyder. The play pushed the veteran, actor, and director.
“Directing the play was challenging but fun. The stage directions only asked for 7 actors on stage, but I instead used 17 actors on stage to play all the different roles throughout the play. It was challenging as well because the energy and presence on stage for so many people really changed the perspective for the audience, so I had to consider that at all times when staging the play,” Sanchez said.
The play is about a girl named Jenny, played by freshman Ellie Hopper, who is so blindly in love with a boy named Joe, played by Houston Decker, a freshman, even though Joe isn’t the best match for Jenny. Towards the end of the play, viewers see Jenny go to therapy and end up with the mailman, played by Ali Hammoud. The mailman truly saw her as the person she is the whole time and loved her for who she is, which gives the audience the sense of hope that there is truly someone special out there for them.
“I think that the sentiment is really great. It’s so important that you don’t view your romantic partner as only that, but as a friend you can confide in, too.” Hammoud said.
This play held an extremely powerful lesson that many of the audience can take home with them, knowing one’s self worth, and the LPHS theatre department did a great job showcasing that by using many background characters and a projector ran by junior Emma Miller showing the setting and how Jenny interpreted things.
“The slides showed the change in scenes, and we did try to coordinate the colors, especially for the bar scene and the charts that we had up on the projector are actually from the original written play so we chose to stay true to that, ” Miller said.
The audience laughed and sympathized with all scenes of the play. The actors as well as the technical theater staff did an amazing job. Love of a Pig will definitely be a personal favorite.

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