LPHS Speech & Debate boosts communication skills


With the first semester of the 2021-2022 school year coming to an end, the second semester begins the start of scheduling for the next school year. With a plethora of options to choose from, many students don’t have enough knowledge of what certain classes entail. Two classes that benefit kids as a student, communicator, person, and serves as a club and extracurricular at LPHS is Speech and Debate.

Speech and Debate is a world-wide activity that plenty of students participate in.  LaPorte has two coaches at LaPorte. The debate coach is Mrs. Arney, found in room J.22 and Ms. Baugh is found in room 5.11has had a Speech and Debate team for decades and has plenty of trophies to show the achievements of Slicers. The activity allows students to express themselves in topics such as politics, societal issues, acting, and writing, while becoming a better public speaker. 

“It’s one of those classes that when students are active, when they compete they learn how to organize their thoughts, they learn how to communicate effectively and efficiently. That’s something we could all use,” Mrs. Arney said.

The Speech and Debate team at the high school requires students to write and practice their events during school time and after school with their coach. The debate coach being Arney and speech being Baugh. Then, students and their respective teams travel on the weekends to surrounding schools and compete. With opportunities to compete at State and even make it to Nationals, the competitive drive to win forces students to become hard workers and challenge themselves in public speaking.

“Having gone all four years in both Speech and Debate, I made some very close friends, as well as had some of the best times of my life at tournaments. It has really challenged me to become a better student as well as person. I think it’s an experience that will carry on through the rest of my life,” Grant Watterson, a Speech State competitor, said.

Speech and Debate are important because it allows students to get out of their comfort zones and become better public speakers. It, also, requires hard work that students will need in their futures.

“I think it’s a good way to practice public speaking and communication skills that students will need in their everyday lives going forward,” Ms. Baugh said.

Speech and Debate provides students with an opportunity to become a confident public speaker, learn more about the outside world, and prepare for their future. Students can sign up through the scheduling process in late winter/early spring. Speech and Debate is an easy way to get exposed to public speaking and the outside world while at school.


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