Mount impacts LPHS


Some people in the world are meant to be teachers and dedicate their lives to helping students and teaching them not only the subject they teach but also valuable life lessons. Jen Mount is the definition of this kind of person. From a teacher to coach, she has shaped students and helped them become wonderful people.

Mount wasn’t always on the track to be an educator. She changed her mind about her major six times in college before figuring out that teaching was the job for her.

“I became a math teacher because I tutored all through college, and I missed it the one semester I didn’t take a math class nor tutored. Pretty much, God slapped me upside the head and said ‘This is what you are supposed to do,’” Mount said.

Ever since she realized her love of education, she has woken up every morning for the past 37 years to teach students how to persevere through their problems and help them learn the art of math in and out of the classroom.

“My teaching philosophy is eclectic. My goal is to help all students learn and there is no one way to do that. I try to connect all the lessons to the real world, but that is not always possible in math. You sometimes need to teach the math then show how it applies,” Mount said.

For many years Mount has worked hard not only as a teacher but also a coach. She coached for the LPHS volleyball team as well as the LPHS softball team. Mount has impacted many lives through the years she has been here. Her devotion to this school and educating her students has not gone unnoticed; she continuously makes everyone’s day brighter, including coworkers.

“Truly enjoyed coaching and teaching with Miss Mount for many years. Lots of laughs and memories were made. She is a top notch educator,” Marybeth Lebo, LPHS art teacher, said.

Outside of school mount enjoys many things in life and has several assorted hobbies, with all of them keeping her going and occupying her in her free time.

Mount currently is a member of LaPorte County Symphony Orchestra, playing the viola. Being in an orchestra has been a part of Mount’s life forever. She enjoys what she does and enjoys being around the other musicians and making music together.

“This is my 11th year with the LaPorte County Symphony. We are currently rehearsing for the Holiday Pops concert, which is always fun. We play classical music, which I grew up on. I played in high school and made the All State Honors Orchestra my sophomore, junior, and senior year but didn’t go my senior year because of volleyball Sectionals. I played the first semester of college at Ball State then didn’t play for 30 years. I picked it back up in Feb. of 2011 and tried out that August of 2011. I feel that I get better each year, but I love making music, harmonies with other musicians,’’ Mount said.

When she puts down her viola, Mount loves to travel. One of her favorite yearly traditions is going to see her mom in Arizona for Christmas. She enjoys getting to see her family and taking the activities she gets to participate in when going each year.

“My mother lives in Arizona. I drive out there twice a year to visit and hike- she lives at the foot of the Huachuca Mountains in Sierra Vista. Christmas with my parents has always been a tradition. She sings in the choir at church, and I always end up singing (tenor) with them when I visit,” Mount said.

She also enjoys cross country skiing and has been skiing for 18 years. She feels it’s great workout and good way to be outdoors

“I cross country ski over at Kesling Park when we have snow. I also go to The Dunes State Park, Potato Creek, and Bertrand Park in Michigan (Niles) to cross country ski,” Mount said.

Mount’s life has been packed with adventure and impact.

Mount has worked at LPHS for 37 years, helping children learn math as well as many other skills and lessons they need help with and continues to do that every day. Her passion for what she does is seen by all here in the halls and out in the community.

“Always persevere, never give up! Keep trying to learn! You are smarter than you think,” Mount said.

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