LPHS ASL partners with art classes

January 11, 2022


In the month of December, American Sign Language (ASL) teacher Ms. Witulski and Art teacher Mrs. Lebo, created a cross-curricular project where art students are given word prompts, and they teamed up with ASL students to create paintings interpreting the word chosen. These words include resist, oppression, and community.
This creative project gave art students at LPHS a better understanding of American Sign Language.
The idea came to Witulski after seeing a Facebook post from a teacher group for ASL. Since this project had a huge emphasis on art, Witulski contacted Lebo to make this project possible.
“I thought it would be something to try to build knowledge and experience as well as connect with other students outside of ASL. I contacted Lebo because she would be open to the idea,” Witulski said.
Witulski has never done a cross-curricular project before, while Lebo hasn’t done one in years, so this was a learning experience for everyone involved.
“I have entertained the idea of doing something cross-curricular and the opportunity presented itself. For the first time, it went well with some snafus naturally. It’s a learning process. Hopefully we’ll continue this opportunity with Ms. Lebo with what we have learned from this project,” Witulski said.
The ASL students as well as art students worked great together, combining their knowledge from both parts and creating the final product.
“I think all the students enjoyed this project, and in the end, I think the artwork has turned out beautifully,” Lebo said.
Witulski and Lebo worked with the students for three days of this project, and they hope every student took something from the project.
“I think it is important to realize that we do not teach within the classroom but bridge classes to apply either way. It broadens not only students but teachers’ experience and knowledge in trying something like this. Sometimes it comes easy, sometimes it will be hard, but if we try and do, who knows what may happen. It’s like a ripple effect,” Witulski said.
The artwork can be seen on Main Street by the library at LPHS.

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