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LPHS student set to become an Eagle Scout


Becoming an Eagle Scout is the highest honor a Boy Scout can earn. Not only is it a prestigious honor, but it is also a rare achievement. According to, eight percent of all Scouts earn the rank of Eagle Scout. LPHS senior Alex Scheuchner is one hardworking student and Boy Scout who is quickly approaching the major milestone. 

Scheuchner has been a Boy Scout since he was in first grade. He joined the program because his cousin was a part of it, and he thought it would be a fun way to spend his time, but it soon became more than that to him. 

“It means everything, to be honest. As the years went on and as I progressed through the scouting ranks, my perspective on not just scouting changed, but who I was as a person and my values and outlook on the world. Everyone takes something different away from scouting, and it really shows that we get to pick our own path in life,” Scheuchner said.

Scheuchner has only a few more steps to go before he can earn the title of Eagle Scout. For his scout project that is necessary to earn the honor, he decided to remodel Rumley Park in LaPorte. During renovations, he helped paint the basketball court, redo the asphalt, make new benches, and help shape up many different aspects of the park. He had help from LaPorte Mayor Tom Dermody, as well as many other city officials in his project. 

“For my project, I proposed redoing the basketball court at Rumley Park. The Parks Department already had a project in the works for the park so I ended up taking it over and doing it for my community service project,” Scheuchner said. 

Obtaining the title of Eagle Scout is a huge honor and life accomplishment for Scheuchner. He has been working his whole career in the Boy Scouts to earn this accolade. This time has allowed him to grow his extracurricular activities list, future prospects, as well as his character. He has learned many everlasting lessons and credits his time spent in the Boy Scouts as one of the most important and valuable things he has done throughout his life. According to ScoutSmarts, to become an Eagle Scout, one must climb up seven ranks within the Scouts, earn 21 merit badges, complete a community service project, and prepare a binder for the troops. After high school, Scheuchener plans on becoming an electrician. His time in the Scouts as well as his education at the AK Smith Career Center has helped prepare him for his future career.

LPHS is diversified by such a hardworking and passionate individual such as Scheuchner. 



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