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Mrozinski wins the Lilly Scholarship


As the final months of senior year approach, many seniors are prepping for college. Whether it’s auditioning for the best music programs in the country, committing to a collegiate sport, or applying to scholarships, LPHS seniors have plenty of things on their plate. One Slicer who has had a successful senior year is Macy Mrozinski. Macy Mrsozinski was recently named the recipient of the Lilly Endowment Scholarship, a prestigious scholarship that pays the full tuition of the applicants’ college of choice in Indiana.

The Lilly Scholarship is provided by the Lilly Foundation, an organization whose message is set on bettering the future of Indiana’s residents. They offer plenty of scholarships besides the Lilly, which allows seniors to have multiple chances to win. It is one of the most competitive scholarships in Indiana, but that didn’t stop her from applying. Mrozinski and five other Slicers ended up taking the majority of the finalist spots in the region.

“It was a long process, but it was definitely worth it. It was so exciting having so many finalists from LaPorte High School,” Mrozinski said.

Mrozinski prepared for the Lilly Scholarship application and finalist interviews throughout the months leading up to the big win. 

“I have always tried to be super genuine in applications, and that’s what I tried to do in the Lilly application. The part that I really had to prepare for was the interview because I had never had an interview like this before. I had my mom ask me interview questions the days leading up to it, and I think that really helped with the nerves,” Mrozinski said.

After the interview, Mrozinski waited for weeks to hear back from the Lilly Foundation. Her nerves were finally put to rest when she was called down to the office by Dr. Alber.

“It was amazing. Dr. Alber called me out of class and pretended like people from another school wanted to talk to me, but when I walked into the room, I was greeted by my parents, best friends, teachers, and members of the Unity Foundation who informed me that I had been awarded the scholarship. Being surrounded by all of my favorite people in a moment like that is something I’ll never forget,” Mrozinski said.

Mrozinski had tremendous support throughout the entire process, especially from her family.

“I owe a lot of it to my parents. Everything that they’ve done for me over the past few years has really shaped me into the person I am today. They are truly the best parents,” Mrozinski said.

Mrozinski has already chosen her top schools and is anxious to hear back from them.

“Right now my top two choices are IU Kelley and Notre Dame, which I find out if I get in March,” Mrozinski said.

Mrozinski’s future looks bright and she plans to give back to the same community that has supported her all of these years.

“I know a lot of people’s goals after high school is to get out of their small town, but I am in love with LaPorte. I want to come back and help the people of LaPorte in any way possible. My passion in life is to help others, and I want to first start with the community that has done so much for me, and that will really be possible because of this scholarship,” Mrozinski said. 

Mrozinski encourages Slicers to take the same chance she took and apply for the scholarship.

“For any high schooler that has thought about applying, I would say ‘Why not?’ It’s so worth it, and the worst you could get is a ‘no,’ so why not try?” Mrozinski said.

The Lilly Scholarship has many benefits and helps Hoosiers achieve their career goals while saving money.

“College isn’t easily affordable, and I’m so grateful that it’ll be a lot easier on my family. By saving money on college and getting an education at a top Indiana school, I will be able to experience opportunities that wouldn’t have been possible otherwise, which will, in turn, help me to achieve my career goals,” Mrozinski said.

Mrozinski is an inspiration to her community, as well as, past and present Slicers, and has shown how hard work and resilience can go a long way.


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