LPHS implements new policies

LPHS implements new policies


Since the second semester has begun, changes have been made to LaPorte High School’s dress code, tardies, and hall passes. 

The new dress code now requires students to be covered from armpit to armpit, as well as armpit down to the mid-thigh. The policy does not allow clothing such as crop tops that expose the midriff or shirts that expose the chest area. Hats and hoods are still not allowed to be worn in school. 

“We want all of our students to understand the need to dress and behave based on those college and career readiness standards. Students that wear hats and hoods make it more difficult to identify and that is a security risk. We are appreciative of all of our students and their efforts to maintain a safe learning environment,” principal Dr. Alber said.

In order to make LPHS as safe as possible, there is also a new Orange Pass Board system. Each teacher will have two pass boards that students will sign and take with them if they need to leave class. The school nurse, library, attendance office, and SRT will have separate colored paper passes. This will help staff easily identify who has permission to be in the halls. 

Along with a new pass system, there is a new tardy policy. For every one to three tardies in a class, the student is issued a warning. On the third tardy, there will be a call or email to their home. For every four to six tardies, the student will be sent to ISD for an hour and will stay in the class he or she received the fourth tardy in. There will also be another call home and a warning for social probation. For every seven to eight tardies, there is a phone call home, all-day ISD, and social probation. For the ninth tardy, the student is placed in one-day OSS and is on Social Probation. There is also a parent meeting and the student will possibly be withdrawn from the course with an F and placed in either VLA or a Study Hall.

If you have any questions regarding the new rules, please contact Dr. Alber at  [email protected]

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