Stewart celebrates being a Slicer


Joseph Stewart is a LaPorte High School alumni and a first year high school teacher. His addition to the English department is one that staff and students alike hold in high regard. 

For two years, Stewart taught at the university level on an assistantship at Seton Hall University in New Jersey. He started out in LaPorte County as a long term substitute teacher doing multiple month stretches. Stewart is currently teaching American Literature for juniors, British Literature for seniors, and English 10 for sophomores at LPHS. He considered different fields of study, but after a long journey, he decided that teaching English was it for him. 

“I appreciate the critical thinking that the study of literature can provide,” Stewart said. 

Like many English teachers, reading has been a central part of Stewart’s life. He fondly remembers Christmas Eve when he was young. His parents had a tradition of letting him open one present before the morning, and he always asked which one was a book. 

Stewart has always loved learning, and his ultimate goal in teaching is to make sure that his students do, too. He’s excited to teach them new concepts and familiarize them with the literature that he loves so much. His British Literature class is going over excerpts from The Canterbury Tales, and he’s excited to introduce them to his favorite literary character, The Wife of Bath. 

“If there’s anything better than learning about those things myself, it is the incredible joy that comes from helping other people learn about them in the way that I did,” Stewart said. 

An outstanding amount has changed since Stewart graduated from LPHS in 2006. He’s astonished by the amount of school spirit that has been displayed by teachers and administrators alike. While he appreciates the signs and murals around the school that represent what it means to be a Slicer, what he values the most is the actual follow up and effort put into making LPHS a better place.  

“I have seen some real changes that signify to me a genuine celebration of being a Slicer. There’s more of a feeling that being here is something to celebrate. There are other places to learn, and we are lucky enough to be here, so why not celebrate that?” Stewart said. 

When he’s not teaching, Stewart can be found helping lead worship at his church and singing masses at Norte Dame Church. He loves playing piano and flexing his musical muscles. He frequents antique shops like Coachman in downtown LaPorte, usually searching for furniture and antique Waterford crystal to add to his collection. 

It goes without saying that Stewart is glad to be back at LPHS, and his presence in the English department is greatly appreciated. 

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