PR connects community


Dedicated students from LPHS have made an immeasurable difference for schools throughout the district. The Slicer Public Relations team at the high school is the group of students behind the scene making it possible for parents, families and community members to keep up with what Pre-K-12 students are up to at school and all the innovative and creative lessons teachers are doing in their classes.

Back in 2014, Erin Parker, English teacher at LPHS, had an idea to have students start covering all the magic going on in the district schools. Every school year since then, a handpicked group of students from the high school has taken two class hours out of their day to travel to the schools and broadcast events that are going on inside the eight elementary schools, intermediate, middle, and high school, documenting anything from a troop returning home to surprise a family member, to classroom activities, to a library read along in the elementary school, to the 100th day of school celebration.

The PR team covers the magic in all 11 schools in the district by running the school’s Facebook pages, making infographics, making posters, attending extracurricular activities, filming and editing videos, and helping in teachers’ classrooms when needed. These PR students dedicate their time to their selected school while learning valuable employability skills.

The overwhelming contribution from family and friends has all been proven through the stats. The Facebook pages have grown from 200-300 page likes to well over a thousand, with the LPHS page having over 10,000 likes.

Public Relations is one class that will make memorable moments for both the students who are in the class as well as the students they meet at the schools on a daily basis. 

“I joined PR to help me gather employability skills to use in the future, to leave a positive lasting impact on the elementary school, and to create relationships with all of the school members,” junior Mandy Fischbacher said.

The PR students from the high school have gone above and beyond also by coming up with executive major events for their schools. Students like Alayna Tuholski and Madyson McShane have tried their best to make this year on the PR staff as impactful as possible.

“My team and I are constantly looking for more ways that we could leave an impactful mark on the students at Crichfield with the projects and events we plan. In September, when we organized a Tackle Kids Cancer event, we really wanted to do something special. The kids at Crichfield really idolize the high schoolers, so having the Slicer football players come read to them was a highlight of their month,” junior Alayna Tuholski said.

Many of the LPCSC admin are in constant contact with their PR teams and consider them a part of the family.

“The Crichfield PR team includes Lauren Hertges, Alayna Tuholski, and Madyson McShane for the first semester. Alayna and Madyson have continued the second semester at Crichfield.  They communicate with teachers as well as share photographs and videos on our Crichfield Facebook page. They do a wonderful job promoting our school in a positive light to our community.  They respond to the types of posts that our families seem to respond to the most and work to grow the reach of our online presence. The PR team helped expand on a reading challenge and was instrumental in inviting Slicer Football players to read to our students this fall.  The staff loves having our team in the building sharing good news!” Crichfield elementary school principal Tearsa Schable said.

The PR class has helped LaPorte grow as a town and be able to understand what is going on throughout the community. It’s powerful to see the message being spread and the content being created by the students at LPHS.

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