La Porte hires new SRO


Deputy Derrick Deck was appointed School Resource Officer (SRO) on January 1st of this year, following the much respected and missed by many, Deputy Marvin McCoy, the previous SRO at La Porte High School. 

Deck was sought out by Officer McCoy after McCoy had chosen to move into a different line of work within the police department. His main goal was to leave the school in good hands. Though Deck had never fully considered his next career being an SRO, his profuse love for La Porte and being able to continue to work to have more of a connection with the town won him over. He chose to work in La Porte back in 1999 after he graduated from high school wanting to live in a better town. 

Before becoming a police officer, Deck practiced law at La Porte Circuit Court as Chief of staff, where he was helping citizens through obstacles like divorce, bankruptcy, and saving their homes. After some time working in law, he wanted to get into the thick of it. He was only able to see the result of crimes, but as a cop, he would have a chance to try and stop it before it would escalate any further. 

He decided to become a patrol deputy, patrolling the streets and preventing crime. He wanted to do more, so he joined the DUI task force, where he and others specifically looked for drunk drivers. 

Using his past experience in the work force and entering the high school during the second semester, Deck wants to keep up where McCoy left off. He is trying to make the transition as smooth as possible, which hasn’t allowed him the time to fully soak it all in yet. His motivation for his job comes from the little victories, like helping relate to students when and where he can.

Deck strives to help people, and he has always strictly wanted to work in a place where he could help his community, by choosing to not rise up in ranks where he would be in charge of others, but choosing to stay in a position where he could help the people around him. 

“I aspire to just make people safe,” Deck said.

One thing he wants students to know is even though he is an authority figure he is a reasonable person. He is more of a people person if anything, and having a lot of background in law shows that. To him, the role of an SRO is to make sure the building and all of its occupants are safe no matter the cost. 

“My only real priority here is to make sure that all occupants: students and staff alike are (physically) safe. While that is not the entirety of the job, this is first and foremost what is most important,” Deck said.

He wants students to see him as a fair-minded and reasonable person, not just someone looking for student violations in order to give tickets when and where he can. Unlike what many believe to be a goal of the LaPorte City Police Department, Officer Deck has no quota. In fact, he comes across as quite the opposite. So far, he tries his best to be relatable when it comes to students getting in trouble. He wants them to understand he is not their parent but someone they can trust, but when it comes to lying to him is where he draws the line. Most of all he wants students to see him more as a role model and less as a dictator. 

LPHS is excited to see the impact Deck will undoubtedly have.

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