LPHS new academic lettering program

LPHS’ new academic lettering program


LPHS is now allowing the Academic Lettering Program for the seniors, juniors, and sophomores during the week of March 7th through March 11th.

In order to letter academically, students will need to have a GPA of 3.5 or higher for both semesters of the school year. If one was enrolled at LPHS in previous years, the student is still able to letter for those years if he or she met the requirement. 

The first year that the students receive the award, they will be given a letter with “Academic” and the lamp of knowledge embroidered on it, the sleeve banner with “Academic Achievement” embroidered on it, as well as a chevron with the lamp of knowledge embroidered on it.

“The committee as a whole agreed that we must recognize and celebrate student academic achievement and allow students to literally wear those accomplishments on their sleeves,” Jeremy Ruff, slicer teacher and member of the Academic Lettering committee, said.

If one is eligible for the Academic Lettering Program, they will be sent down to the PAC for more information during SRT. Seniors will go down on Monday, March 7th, juniors will go Tuesday, March 8th, and sophomores will go to the PAC on Thursday, March 10th.

Students will be informed through email/Canvas that they have qualified, and a list will also be posted outside of F.15 and 2B. The students who are eligible will need to go to F.15 or 2B to request their information/application sheet that they will need to fill out to receive the Lettering packet. After the packet is filled out, students will return them to F.15 of 2B to receive their reward. 

Students will have until spring break to submit their application for their academic letter.

Slicers are excited to be able to show off their achievements in the classroom.

“It feels great to be recognized for my academic achievements because a lot of students, including myself, work hard and put a lot of time and dedication into their schoolwork for their future, and that should be appreciated as much as athletics,” junior Lauren Hertges said.

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