LaPorte welcomes new LPHS staff


LaPorte High School welcomed many new faculty members this year. With some teachers finding other aspirations and others simply following a different path in life, LPHS is happy to have a fresh face or two in the building, and this large group added a positive and rejuvenated feel to the classroom and halls. 

Meet a few of the newest Slicer Staff.

Mrs. Goss was welcomed to the building this year as the Work Program Assistant. Goss grew up in Michigan City and graduated from Michigan City High School in 2003. She then graduated with a bachelor’s degree from Purdue University in 2007 and is also planning on graduating with a master’s in Curriculum & Instruction in the future.

Goss’ first job was with the LaPorte County Special Education Cooperative, where she was placed at various LaPorte elementary schools to be a speech therapy assistant. After working as an assistant for two years, Goss then went on to take a job at Michigan City Area Schools as an Autism Support Specialist in 2011. Later, she moved into working at the AK Smith Career Center as a part of the Education Professions program from 2014 to 2021.

“I have always loved LaPorte Schools and LaPorte students, so when I saw an opening for a position I was qualified for, I jumped on it. I truly love my job and the LaPorte community. I feel very welcome at LPHS and have enjoyed getting to know the students and staff. I look forward to many more years here,” Goss said.

Another new face at LPHS is Miss Grin. She has joined the LPHS staff as the World History & Civilization and AP World History Modern teacher. Grin was born in Utah but mainly grew up in Griffith, Indiana, after she moved at two years old. She graduated from Griffith High School in 2014 and went to college locally at Indiana University Northwest for her undergraduate degree, where she earned two bachelor’s degrees in History and Anthropology. Grin is currently enrolled at Ball State University online to finish her master’s in Secondary Education.

During the spring semester of the 2020-2021 school year, Grin was placed at LPHS for student teaching and decided that LaPorte was where she wanted to teach. Once she received her educator license, Grin took the full-time job as a history teacher.

“First-year teaching is tough but equally wonderful. I have met so many incredible people through LPHS. The staff and I have built some amazing relationships with my students. Being able to teach what I’m passionate about so that students have a better understanding of the world around them has been rewarding. I’m definitely starting to find my ‘groove’ and hoping that next year will be even better,” Grin said.

Mr. Martin is one of the new English teachers at LPHS. Martin grew up in Michigan City and attended Purdue University Northwest, where he graduated last May. Before teaching, Martin worked full-time as a hotel supervisor.

Despite growing up in Michigan City, Martin did not attend Michigan City High School and had no problem jumping ship when the opportunity popped up to apply to the English department at LPHS. 

“I love it here at LPHS. I have a phenomenal group of coworkers and wonderful students who make me want to come to school each day. There is never a dull moment,” Martin said.

Another new English teacher at LPHS is Mr. Pitts. Pitts grew up in a townhouse outside of Scottsdale Arizona until he was 13. Pitts attended Glendale Community College, where he obtained an associate’s degree in theater and liberal arts. He then transferred to Arizona State University where he obtained his bachelor’s degree in secondary education and English. Currently, Pitts is attending the American College of Education working on his master’s degree in Education and English. 

Pitts taught at Cesar Chavez High School in Laveen, Arizona. After working there for four years, he began at Sunrise Mountain High School in Peoria, Arizona, the high school he attended. After teaching there for five years, he arrived at LaPorte High School this year.

“So far, La Porte High School is the best school I have ever taught at. The students, the teachers, the leadership, and the support staff are some of the many reasons why I enjoy teaching here,” Pitts said.

Finally, Miss Roe is a new Special Education teacher at LPHS. She was born and raised into a family of LaPorte teachers and graduated from LaPorte High School. Roe went to college at Purdue North Central to earn her bachelor’s degree. She is currently getting her master’s in secondary education. Before teaching, Roe was an administrative assistant at Peters & Marske and LaPorte Seamless Gutters. 

Teaching at LPHS has been a learning experience that I love. My favorite part is building connections with my students and watching the progress they have made. I am lucky enough to have mentors like Ms. Yovino and Mr. Mandeville to help shape me as a teacher,” Roe said.

This new group of over 20 educators has surpassed any expectations and is certain to leave a lasting impact at LPHS.

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