Womens History Month: Selena Quintanilla

Women’s History Month: Selena Quintanilla


Women’s History Month was created to give recognition to all the women around the world who inspire others. Many people use this month to reflect on their role models and share their stories. My role model is Selena Quintanilla.

Selena, born on April 16, 1971, in Lake Jackson, Texas, is best known as a Mexican American singer. When Selena was 10 years old, she was part of a family band with her sister and brother called Selena Y Los Dinos, managed and produced by her father, Abraham Quintanilla.

In early life, Selena only spoke English, but her father believed it was a good idea to connect with her roots, so Selena practiced singing and speaking in Spanish until she became fluent and started producing music in Spanish. 

Later on, Selena’s career took off, giving her the title of “Queen of Tejano music.” Tejano music is a western and country style of Mexican music, and this was a big deal for Selena because not many female artists at the time made it big with Tejano music. Overall, Selena ended up having seven number one Latin hits and won a Grammy for her album Live!, according to Biography.com  

Selena never sat still. Instead, she branched out to different careers by opening up her own boutique in Texas called Selena Etc, which doubled up as a salon. Selena also became a clothing designer and made her own outfits for her performances. Due to how her outfits closely resembled Madonna’s, she was also known as “The Mexican Madonna.”   

Selena wanted to do many more things with her life like acting and owning a farm.  Unfortunately, at the age of 23, her career came to an end when she was shot by the president of her fan club, Yolanda Saldivar. Many people in the Latin community mourned the singer’s death by lighting candles and wearing similar outfits to her stage outfits.

Her legacy still lives on today. Two years after her death a movie came out called Selena showing the life of the young artist. This year the movie Selena will celebrate their 25th anniversary by returning to theaters nationwide starting on April 7th. 

Selena is an iconic member in the Latin community, reminding many that it doesn’t matter where they come from or who they are. One can be successful with any thought that comes to mind. 

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