Mrozinske’s government experience strengthens LPHS


One of the most valuable experiences students can have while obtaining their education is learning from an expert in the field who has lived through what they are teaching. Slicers are privileged to have Mr. Mrozinske, Government teacher and former city councilman, to help with just that. 

Mrozinske decided to pursue a career in education later in life when he was tasked with giving a speech to the LaPorte Kiwanis Club. Though he was nervous at first, he soon became more and more comfortable speaking in front of others and decided right then and there to earn his teaching certificate and become an educator. 

I was President-elect of the LaPorte Kiwanis Club and sent to speak about Kiwanis at the Spring Sports Banquet sponsored by the club. Not being much of a public speaker, I was nervous but assured by fellow members that all I had to do was read a short announcement about the club then I would be done. In all actuality, I was told when I arrived that I would be the emcee for the night. After a short panic attack, I quickly organized my thoughts in preparation of the event. As the night went on, I felt more and more comfortable and attributed it to my regret years earlier that I did not go into education. When I returned home, I shared my story with my wife, and she encouraged me to go back to school to gain my certification, and then I became a teacher two years later. Overall, I feel that if it was not for this event, I never would have gone into education,” Mrozinske said. 

Because Government is an ever changing subject, Mrozinske finds himself excited to keep up with the shifts in politics and incorporate that in lessons. He particularly enjoys instructing students on constitutional issues and the legislative branch. 

“Since the legislation evolves with each new session of Congress, I enjoy integrating the study of such into each new year. I also enjoy teaching constitutional issues, such as Supreme Court cases, and the legislative branch, which is evaluating laws,” Mrozinske said. 

Mrozinske enjoys hearing back from former students and seeing their journey after high school. He keeps motivated by realizing that every day is a fresh start and has opportunities for great things. 

“Each day is a new day and a fresh start no matter how the previous day ended. I enjoy running into former students post high school and hearing about their success stories from those who continue their education journey beyond LPHS,” Mrozinske said.

Though Mrozinske is no longer employed in a government position, he still is passionate about issues pertaining education and teachers’ rights. He finds that teaching adds value to society and should be appreciated more by the public and especially by lawmakers and politicians. He wishes that teacher salaries are higher, with educators over the state being more fairly compensated for their hours of hard work. 

In his free time, Mrozinske enjoys watching his kids in sports, being outside, attending football games and musicals, and traveling. 

“For several years, I spent my time outside of school coaching my kids in sports. Now that they are older, I enjoy watching them. In the summers and when the weather is nice, I enjoy being outside, even if it is just working in the yard. I am a football fan and enjoy attending both Slicer and Notre Dame games in the fall. I also enjoy attending Broadway Musicals at the Morris [Theater] in South Bend with my wife, and with her encouragement will probably be playing some pickleball as the weather warms up. Finally, I enjoy traveling and look forward to venturing out into areas that I have yet to visit,” Mrozinske said. 

An interesting fact about Mrozinske is that he has been inside of the West Wing and Oval Office of the White House and even pet the Obama family’s pet dog, Bo. 

Mrozinske is a sublime addition to the dedicated and passionate teachers at LaPorte High School and students are enriched by his love of government and education. 

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