Slicers create sculptures for community


Mrs. Lebo’s Sculpture class at LPHS is creating large-scale sculptures for businesses in the community.

The class has been studying Claes Oldenberg, who is famous for placing his large replicas of everyday objects in the middle of businesses. Lebo believed this would be a perfect opportunity to take what they have learned and implement it in the real world.

“I think the kids know that the sculptures will be out in the public instead of in the showcases at the school. It really makes a difference when they are at a place of employment. Many of the sculptures that kids have made in the past are still up to this day. The kids really care that their names will be correlated with their finished product,” Lebo said.

The students first wrote a plan and came up with a rough draft for their sculpture for a business of their choice. The students then met with the owners and managers of a business of their choice and discussed what the overall theme would be. After they discussed, the students then created their final project and continue to keep in contact with their business. 

Natalie Veach, a senior in the class, has created a project for the Purdue technology department. With the help of her grandfather who works there, Veach sculpted a robot she is proud to share with others.

“My favorite part of this sculpture project was working through the struggles for everything to work out in the end,” Veach said.

The sculptures will be around the community sometime after spring break. 

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