Kennedy Phelps and her memorable season


Kennedy Phelps has bowled her way to State with the rest of the LPHS bowling team and has never felt more accomplished.
From a line of bowlers, Phelps started bowling when she was five years old and it has shaped her life into what it is now.
“My whole family is a line of bowlers, so I kinda got into it. When I got to the age where I could do it, I was kind of forced into it. But in this case, I’m glad that I was,” Phelps said.
Phelps always had a passion for bowling but wasn’t as serious until eighth grade. She loves the new drive of the sport and keeps going.
“I always knew that I kind of had a passion for it, but when I was in eighth grade that was when I really realized that I love doing it competitively. It’s something that drives me and something that I really look forward to and I love doing,” Phelps said.
When Phelps joined the high school bowling team, she stayed persistent in practicing her technique to make it to where she is now. Phelps shined in her final season with the Slicers, but there was added joy due to the success of the team.
This season they have had some memorable achievements like going to State and getting first in their conference.
“This season was definitely my best season overall. My team and I have broken a couple of records and have definitely accomplished a lot. We’re the first girls team to ever make it to State. I was the first girl to ever individually make it to State. Just hands down on lots of achievements this year,” Phelps said.
Currently, Phelps isn’t sure she will continue bowling in college yet, but she does wish the new LPHS bowlers good luck and to always have a set of goals to accomplish. She left a lasting legacy for future Slicers.

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