Mackenzie’s book review: It Ends with Us


Reading has always been one of my favorite things to do; it is an outlet for me when I am stressed or when I just need to relax.

The most recent book I’ve read is called It Ends with Us by Colleen Hoover. 

This book has been ranked #1 on the New York’s Times best selling list.

It Ends With Us is about a girl named Lilly Bloom who has gone through many of things in her life and tries to use those experiences to perserve her life. The book shows not only her future, but her past life and shows how she’s got to the point she’s in the story and how she used what happened in her childhood to make her relationships right.

Hoover uses her choice of words and play to portray the plot with anticipation. She uses repetitiveness to lead readers to the final conclusion, while never actually giving readers enough to know what will happen before it happens.

I would recommend this book to anyone who hates when they finish a romance novel and are unable to see what happens in the future of the characters’ relationships. I would say that this shows what the before and the after of the relationship is.

I wouldn’t recommend this book to anyone who is triggered by abuse, as this book shows that as well as manipulation of emotions. If this is something that hits one in a different way, I wouldn’t recommend this book to a reader. This books talks about many things from suicide, abuse and manipulation of emotions.

Coming this October, the sequel to this book tiltled It starts with us will be released. A few more books by this author I would recommend are Ugly Love, Reminders of Him, and All your Perfects.


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