Haislet captures memories and moments


Everyone’s passion in life is different, even though some passions change over time, some persist and turn into something amazing, local photographer Lisa Haislet is a prime example of such.

Around 15 years ago, Haislet started her career that has now created some of the most impactful moments in people’s lives with her successful photography business.

I was taking nature pictures, and I had a mom ask if I would take her son’s senior pictures, and he was my first human photo subject,” Haislet said.

From a young age taking pictures was always one of Haislet’s passions.

“I have always loved to capture moments of beauty, fun, and adventure, even from my earliest days,” Haislet said.

Haislet has always loved to be involved with her kids. Being a photographer became one of the ways she could be more interactive with them growing up.

“I have four children, and when they started school I wanted to be involved in some way so photography was my way of connecting with the school,” Haislet said.

Haislet has become one of LPHS’ go to photographers over the years. From taking pictures for sports teams to taking pictures at the annual prom, she has been a great asset to the school. 

“I love the relationships that are built in taking pictures. I love seeing kids from elementary school turn into adults in high school. Watching them grow and mature and come into their person is such a gift,” Haislet says.

Haislet uses photography as her creative outlet. Being able to capture sports and hobbies in an out of the box way is rewarding to her and, she is constantly looking for new ideas. 

“I love to create art with photos and subject. One of my seniors was a swimmer, so we went to Lake Michigan and she went out in the water on a little ladder and it looked like she was standing on the water,” Haislet said.

From weddings, senior photos, and family photos, Haislet spends her time as a photographer capturing memorable life, and those special occasions often lead to beautiful connections with her clients.

“People I love building relationships with people. Senior photos are so fun because it is about capturing who a person is in this season of life,” Haislet said.

One of the best parts of her career has been the help of her family along the way. The Haislet talent did not fall far from the tree.

“I love working alongside my kids. All three of my girls have helped me at different times, and they bring a fresh element to Generation Z,” Haislet said.

Haislet does not take her job for granted and relishes the opportunities she is given.

“It is truly an honor and blessing to be invited into these sacred moments! I get a front row seat on wedding days and spending a few hours with a senior at their shoot is a gift when you are invited into that person’s life. I always view my images with eyes of the future. 20 years from now, I know my clients will be looking at their images and I try to capture the beauty of today so they can have it to remember in the future,” Haislet says.

With every click and each photo, Haislet has given such a gift to the community. Her heart shines through in her work.

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