AP Research finalizes projects


LPHS’ AP Research class is wrapping up their year-long research projects. The class has been diligently preparing their presentations and papers and are eager to showcase their hard work to the community and school. 

The diversity of projects is impressive, with subjects such as ant behaviors, misinformation surrounding gun violence, and the correlation between COVID-19 and diabetes, providing an eye opening set of ideologies.

Students have been preparing their research papers since the beginning of the school year and used those papers to assemble presentations that highlight the most important parts of their research. 

“AP Research has given me the opportunity to not only expand my knowledge, but also hopefully make an impact on the community. Since the beginning of the school year, I’ve learned so many different research skills that a person might not even have the chance to learn in college, so I’m incredibly grateful to have the opportunity to take this class and would definitely recommend it,” Pooja Verma, AP Research student, said. 

It is worth noting that students who complete AP Seminar, AP Research, and pass four other AP exams will be eligible for the AP Capstone diploma, with some of the current AP Research students being eligible for the prestigious diploma.

“Students who complete these courses will be eligible for the AP Capstone diploma and even a special recognition at graduation, which is so awesome,” Mr. Tuholski, AP Research instructor, said. 

Students presented their findings to the class and their various committees during the week of April 25th and then submitted their research papers to the College Board on May 2nd. 


Projects include:

  • Isaac Chezem- Zoology and animal behavior
  • Mila Collette- Ant behavior and rewards
  • Ezekiel Jennings- Misinformation surrounding gun violence 
  •  Ben Kish- Ecologically sound proofing methods
  •  Luke Nelson- Water purity in various areas
  • Nick Shuble- Measuring muscle fatigue
  •  Pooja Verma- Correlation between diabetes and COVID
  •  Olivia Wright- PCOS and its effects on self esteem


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