LPHS student to write debut novel, sequel

May 2, 2022


There are many Slicers who are motivated at what they love to do, but sophomore Jack Komasinski takes it to a whole other level by taking his writing passion and turning it into two books.

Komasinski has been writing for as long as he can remember. His dad went to school for film and showed him the concepts of worldbuilding in different art forms, such as different movies and certain video games. Ever since then, Komasinski has enjoyed using writing and art to create his own unique worlds.

 After having writer’s block for two years, Komasinski watched the popular Netflix series, Arcane. Upon seeing that magical world, Komasinski started creating his own while also bringing science into the mix.

“Originally, I was thinking of Arcane when I started writing, but then I went into more of a science aspect. I started researching alloys of metals, chemistry aspects. I started taking school knowledge and applying them to the book,” Komasinski said.

His book, Keyless Hearts, takes place in two cities divided between the rich and the poor where the poor city is negatively stigmatized. The government that presides over both of the cities neglects the poor city, where the main character resides. Further into the novel, the main character moves into the higher city and begins to experiment with magic and science, creating tension between the cities.

Komasinski has a plan of where he wants to go with his book, but it’s so long he hasn’t decided if he should make it two separate books or one very long book with two parts. To give himself time to think, he is taking a small break to focus on the second book he is working on, Ironbloods.

“Whenever I feel stumped on a specific scene, I make brackets and put ‘Add this scene here’ or ‘Come back to this later.’ If I can’t do that, or I don’t feel like I should do that, I take a step back, and I’ll make Pinterest mood boards or playlists off of characters. It’s a small helpful break. It’s a wonder what a break can do,” Komasinski said.

When he’s taking one of those breaks, he can be found drawing or hiking to help clear his head.

Komasinski is only in his sophomore year and already working on two books. It’s clear the future is bright for this creative and accomplished Slicer.

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