LPHS honors its writers


Over the years, LaPorte High School has offered students the opportunity to enter into the Iselman Writing Contest. The contest was created to honor LPHS student Christopher Iselman, who had a strong passion for writing when he attended LaPorte in the 1970s. The offered categories are personal narrative, poem, and short story. 

This year, students were also able to participate in the Isamu Noguchi Writing Contest. Inspired by the LaPorte alumni and artist of the same name, this contest asked students to write a play, essay, or short story for the chance to earn an upwards of $300. 

The winners of the contests were as follows:

Iselman Writing Contest

Poetry: Madison Dhoore

Personal Narrative: Madison Dhoore

Short Story: Bella Hiemstra 


Isamu Noguchi Writing Contest

Essay: Jillian Elise Fettinger 

Short Story: Addysen Morros

Winners of the Iselman contest received a personal plaque as well as the honor of having their name engraved on the winners’ plaque in the English department. Noguchi contest winners were invited to read their pieces at the Arts in the Park event at Fox Park. 

“I’m still shocked that I won the award, but I’m so excited for the ability to showcase my writing ability at my school,” Addysen Morros, Noguchi short story winner, said. 

LaPorte High School writers are in good hands. Their work is thoroughly celebrated, and their talent is undeniable. 


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