Former Slicer football star tackles first in Subway Surfers


Mickey Oswald, former LPHS graduate, took first place in the country for the weekly competition on popular mobile game Subway Surfers.

Subway Surfers is a game that follows different characters who paint graffiti on a train. A cop finds them, and it is the player’s job to move the character over and around trains to evade the cop and collect coins and powerups. The game itself is never-ending, and it ends when the player gets hit by a train and is captured by the officer. The more points a player earns, the higher of the league they are placed in.

Oswald had been playing recreationally for years, but it wasn’t until this year that he decided to aim for the top spot. Though he had been playing for first for only a year, he wasn’t surprised when he earned the winning score of 11,546,405.

“I was very excited at first, but I was expecting it because I was grinding for the whole week to get there. I think the hard work just paid off,” Oswald said.

After learning about his new top spot, he quickly decided to bask in the glory.

“I had to postpone my Wheaties photoshoot,” Oswald joked.

After getting the top spot in the country for the week, Oswald has limited his playing time for Subway Surfers and instead is aiming for the biggest farm in Hay Day, another popular mobile game.

“I still play it occasionally, but once you reach the top there’s not a lot else to strive for. I’m now striving to have the largest farm in Hay Day,” Oswald said.

When not reaching for the top spot in mobile games, he is attempting to earn a Mechanical Engineering degree at Purdue University.

Though Oswald is no longer a presence at LaPorte High School, he continues to inspire Slicers with his persistent winning attitude.

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