Into Miller’s mind


There are numerous students at LaPorte High School whose creativity and hard-working attitude are a shining feature of their personality. They participate in extracurriculars and focus on academics while some of them even hold jobs on top of that. Junior Emma Miller is no exception to this archetype. She writes, is part of the LPHS theater, and is constantly being creative in her everyday life. 

Miller started writing when she was in sixth grade. She enjoys using it as an outlet to express her emotions through creativity. She finds it much easier to get her feelings out by writing them down rather than saying them out loud.

“I like putting little stories that I’ve created in my head onto paper. It’s a good way to really put my ideas into something tangible,” Miller said. 

When it comes to writing, one of Miller’s proudest achievements is being in AP English Language and Composition class. She thinks it’s one of the academic experiences that she finds most enjoyable because she’s talented in the subject matter. This talent is most used when she attends the high school’s Creative Writing Club as well as the creative writing class that puts together the Reflections writing magazine. 

“I really love English, and I’m glad that it’s something I’m good at,” Miller said. 

Besides academics, Miller also loves participating in LaPorte High School’s theater classes. While she does like aspects of acting, Miller’s heart lies in tech and stage crew. Since her freshman year, she’s been helping out with productions. It’s just challenging enough to be fun, and she likes belonging to such a vibrant community as LaPorte’s theater kids. 

“I like activities that require a little extra brainpower sometimes so I don’t get too bored. I also love the sense of community that comes along with being stage crew. I love everyone else who does crew and theater is something that connects all of us,” Miller said.  

Miller is planning on going to college after high school. She’s not sure what she wants to major in, but she knows she wants to stay in Indiana for a few years and then transfer out of state for the rest of her schooling. 

“I would like to go to a bigger city like New York or somewhere in California,” Miller said.

It’s a sure thing that someday Miller will find the perfect way to make her creativity shine as she integrates into the rest of the world. Whether that be through her writing or any of her other endeavors is yet to be seen.

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