Alondra Pedraza earns salutatorian title


As one of the first graduates ever in her family, Alondra Pedraza is honored to be named this year’s Salutatorian for the Class of 2022.

Pedraza has dealt with many hardships throughout her high school career, whether it was through school or work. She works at Starbucks averaging around 30 hours a week, all while balancing her various high school clubs and sports. 

“I was the captain of the soccer team this year. I am involved in Student Council, National Honors Society, Art Club, Spanish Club, and the Indiana Academic Super Bowl. I coach the 8U soccer team for LaPorte FC, and I help tutor math after school whenever I’m available,” Pedraza said.

Since she is captain of the soccer team, Pedraza tries her best to create relationships with her teammates and encourage them to never give up. One of her best moments in high school was her senior night this year when she helped assist a goal from defense.

“I love being able to inspire my teammates and create a positive outcome of every game, whether it ended up as a win or a loss,” Pedraza said.

Outside of school, Pedraza loves to run and weight lift.

Pedraza also feels honored to become the first generation of her family to graduate, let alone earn the salutatorian title. She is also one of the first Hispanic students in years to become salutatorian, which is a huge accomplishment for her.

“It feels great to be chosen for salutatorian. I definitely was not sure whether I would be one or not because there are many great students in the Class of ‘22 so anyone could have been chosen. It’s definitely an incredible moment because I am overly happy and grateful to have accomplished such a high standing in my class. Winning salutatorian was also sad in some moments because school wasn’t the easiest for me. I am a first-generation graduate in my family, so I couldn’t turn for help from my parents. Spanish was also my first language and what I solely speak at home,” Pedraza said.

Pedraza has taken 10 AP and dual credit classes throughout her high school career, such as AP US History, AP Calculus, AP Seminar, AP 3D Art, AP Chemistry, AP English Langage, AP English Literature, AP Spanish, and Precalculus and Trigonometry.

“Alondra is one of the most genuine, kindest person you could know. She works so hard to the point where she goes a little unnoticed because she’s so focused on being such a great student. When I found out she was in line to become salutatorian, it made perfect sense to me. She just works so hard and it’s a really big accomplishment for being first generation for both her family and herself,” art teacher, Mrs. Mendez-Engle, said.

Pedraza is majoring in forensics science at Arizona State University through Starbucks’ College Achievement Plan.

With only a few weeks left in her high school career, Pedraza can look back proudly on all of her hard work.

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