Tuholski highlights LPCSC, finds passion


Among the many accomplished and motivated students at LPHS Alayna Tuholski is one. 

Last year, Tuholski thought it would be a fun idea to be a part of the LPHS Public relations class. Little did she know, PR would spark a huge interest in her that changed her mind on what she wanted to go to college for.

“I thought it could be another class to use my artistic abilities in, like graphic design. I love organizing events, creating graphic art, making bland information look fun and interesting to people, working with the staff at Crichfield, and overall feeling like I can take the burden off of their workload at the school by doing projects for them,” Tuholski said.

Tuholski has made a huge impact on Crichfield Elementary School by not only highlighting every day activities but also planning events that have never happened before in the school’s history.

“In the fall, my team and I created an event focused around Tackle Kids Cancer Month, where we had LaPorte High School football players come read to each class at the school,” Tuholski said.

Organizing the Tackle Kids Cancer Month event consisted of many aspects that Tuholski will use later on in her career.

“My team and I were in charge of choosing the 26 players who were attending, organizing field trip forms for them, confirming with the football coach that they could wear their jerseys on an unscheduled day to wear them, and organizing the transportation for the players from the high school to Crichfield,” Tuholski said.

From planning events for elementary school students to planning an event for seniors to remember the good old days, Tuholski does it all.

“Recently I have been organizing events for the seniors in the Class of 2022 who went to Crichfield. I made a slideshow with their kindergarten picture and contacted every senior for a senior picture. I have also made the invitations for the walk through, name tags for the walkthrough, and other slideshows for more seniors who didn’t attend Crichfield in kindergarten,” Tuholski said.

Tuholski is a tremendous help for Crichfield Elementary School and her work goes to show the relationships she has built with staff members.

They communicate with teachers as well as share photographs and videos on our Crichfield Facebook page. They do a wonderful job promoting our school in a positive light to our community. They respond to the types of posts that our families seem to respond to the most and work to grow the reach of our online presence. The PR team helped expand on a reading challenge and was instrumental in inviting Slicer Football players to read to our students this fall. The staff loves having our team in the building sharing good news,” Tearsa Schable, Crichfield principal, said.

Not only is Tuholski an outstanding student on the PR staff, but she has recently taken the next step in her life. She has been hired as the PR manager at Garrett-Schable Agency. 

“I will be running their Facebook and Instagram pages, creating new logo designs, organizing vendors for merchandise (clothing, stickers, magnets, etc.), finding sponsorships in town to get their company name out there, researching and hiring vendors to do signs or window stickers, and many more things that I am very excited about,” Tuholski said.

All of these ventures are helping prepare Tuholski for a future in PR management.

“I am considering a future in PR management, advertising, and marketing so I am hoping that this new job will help me seriously decide whether I want to pursue this career in college,” Tuholski said.

Tuholski has been picking up extra PR opportunities around the school in order to advance her skills. One of her most recent is creating game headers for the Slicer baseball team.

“I am making the Game Day ‘headers’ that get posted on a game day. My uncle, Mr. DeMass, is a pitching coach for the Slicer Baseball team and he runs their Twitter page. He asked if I could help him design headers that would look cool for game day, and I said yes since I love designing,” Tuholski said.

Tuholski puts her skills to work by taking on a plethora of projects for the corporation.

“I really enjoy it so much that I try to take on as many opportunities as I can. I also enjoy being in charge of projects and can sometimes be a perfectionist, so I like to add my touch onto projects around the school and community,” Tuholski said.

Tuholski’s organizational skills keep her long to-do list straight.

“I have a to-do list on my phone for all of my ideas and I sort my projects by the due date of when they need to be done. I do most of these projects on my phone so whenever I’m bored and have nothing to do, I design and create or complete my projects,” Tuholski said.

Tuholski has taken many art classes that have helped her develop her creative ideas as well as advance her skills.

“Since I have been in high school I have taken six credits of art one art class a semester since freshman year. This includes Intro to 2D, Intro to 3D, Advanced 2D art, Drawing, and two semesters of AP 3D Art. Next year I am planning to take Ceramics,” Tuholski said.

Her creative talents are seen by all of her teachers and most of all her Art teachers who have been encouraging along the way.

Alayna is a special artist. She works hard and takes great pride in each piece of artwork she creates. She has a special gift, and it has been a pleasure to have her in all the art classes I have taught,” art teacher Marybeth Lebo said.

Tuholski is a well-rounded student, being a part of different clubs and always finding a way to put her PR touch in all she does.

“I am a cheerleader on the LaPorte High School cheer team, which I have also been able to use PR for when we are designing t-shirts, logos, or promoting events on social media. I’m also in the National Honors Society, Girls Reserves, and 4-H outside of school,” Tuholski said.

Tuholski’s future in PR is bright. She hopes to go to school and make her dreams come true.

“As of right now, I would love to do PR in college. I am looking at attending either IUPUI or IU since both schools have amazing PR programs, especially Social Media Departments,” Tuholski said.

Tuholski’s hard work and dedication has taken her far in her high school career, and LPCSC has benefited from her talents.


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