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Mrvan works to reach the district’s full potential


Representative Frank Mrvan recently won the Democratic nomination for U.S. Representative in the primary election. Mrvan has served as Indiana’s District One Representative since January of 2021 and hopes to win re-election to further serve the people of the district. 

Mrvan was motivated to run for Congress in 2020 after he spent time as a township trustee for the city of North Township, Indiana, and noticed a substantial number of people who were in great need of jobs and healthcare demands. He also has a strong desire to protect Lake Michigan and its resources. 

“As North Township trustee, we assisted thousands of people who were in great need of finding employment, increasing their skill set for jobs, helping people overcome addiction and have access to healthcare so they could have access to mental health resources. Ultimately, as a member of Congress, I would like to see people at work, and a future of innovation, technology, and science within the district. We always look for ways to create equitable opportunities for people to participate in the economy and have a quality place to live. We have clean air and water, so we need to take care of Lake Michigan, which is our greatest asset and stay focused and connected to the district,” Mrvan said. 

Mrvan hopes to invest in Indiana’s infrastructure and take advantage of the steel opportunities in The Region. 

“The biggest issue that I see in District One is making sure that we are investing in our infrastructure. I am very proud of the Infrastructure Bill that we passed in the U.S. Congress to make sure that we invest in our roads, bridges, waterways, ports, airports, as well as removing lead pipes and having clean drinking water, and the expansion of broadband internet. The Infrastructure Bill is an investment, not only to infrastructure, but the American worker for the next ten plus years. I am also the co-chair of the steel caucus, meaning that I have focused on making sure that when we’re replacing bridges, we are using American made steel in our region, which keeps our neighbors and family members working. I also ensure that we continuously advocate for clean air and clean water and have quality in Northwest Indiana,” Mrvan said. 

To stay humble and grounded in such a position, Mrvan holds true to his values and his motivations. 

“The values that I stand by every day are truth and making sure that there is a fair and level playing field for the American worker. I also want to continuously create opportunities for young people to enter the workforce, in addition to making sure education is attainable and allow people to reach their full potential and stay in Northwest Indiana to share their talents with their friends and family. What motivates me each and every day is having an opportunity to make the United States and our region one of the greatest places to live and work and reach our full potential,” Mrvan said. 

Though he spends much of his time working in Washington D.C, Mrvan finds it important to come back to The Region often in order to further connect with the people and stay updated on the district. 

“I have been defined as a district centric member of Congress, which means making sure that I serve our district every single day and stay connected to constituents. As I’m out in the community with neighbors and friends and constituents, I listen to the messages which tell me to continue to focus on creating jobs, reducing inflationary pressures, protecting Lake Michigan and the dunes. Those types of messages make me a better member of Congress. The more that I can communicate with my constituents, the stronger, better, and more knowledgeable I am as a member of Congress,” Mrvan said. 

As he campaigns for re-election for the 2022 general election in November, Mrvan wishes to make potential voters aware of a few things regarding his goals for resuming office. 

“I have two daughters, aged 15 and 19. I want to create a region that allows them to reach their full potential. I want to ensure that individuals who go into the trades have an opportunity, those who want to pursue their higher education have an opportunity that is attainable, and those who want to become entrepreneurs and believe in innovation create an environment that welcomes that. I want new voters to know that I will be focused on the future of their employment, will consistently be a good listener, and be able to directly react with my values of truth. With doing all that, I can define solutions to problems and come together, no matter who with, to create solutions. A young voter needs to know that I will work with anyone I can to find the solution to any challenge that our country faces,” Mrvan said. 

Though Mrvan has been active in government and civics for much of his professional career, he didn’t start off planning for a career in politics. He attended Ball State University and earned a degree in journalism and communications with political science. He credits this as a degree that allowed him to become more open minded, as well as preparation for his current occupation. 

“A journalism degree allowed me to constantly focus on the right questions to ask in order to find a solution. If you can be inquisitive in life and ask questions and demand answers, then I believe you are putting your best foot forward in being productive and finding solutions. A lot of what my job is today is asking the right questions and having difficult conversations in order to find solutions to very challenging problems,” Mrvan said. 

Mrvan hopes to offer some advice and guidance to anyone hoping to follow a similar path that he went on. 

“The first piece of advice is to volunteer and get experience on campaigns and do what you can. Read about history and understand civics when it comes to the role of government on the local, state, and federal levels. I would also say to listen to your heart. If it is telling you that you believe you would be very impactful in a positive way when it comes to government and political offices or being an elected office holder, that the more experience you can get with internships and exposure to government, the stronger the candidate you will be,” Mrvan said. 

Mrvan also wanted to express his appreciation and gratitude towards none other than LaPorte High School’s Mr. and Mrs. Korell. They were friends in college and Mrvan credits the Korells as two people who greatly shaped his life. 

“I am a huge fan of Mr. Korell. He and I attended Ball State together, and we were friends throughout college, and he helped shape who I am today. He always has a wonderful smile on his face and is one of the nicest, driven individuals that I know. I am glad he’s an educator and am very proud of our friendship. I wanted to make sure to give him a shoutout and commend him and his wife’s commitment to LaPorte and students. I know that they care deeply about the community and about the students,” Mrvan added. 

Mrvan has brought his dedication to the district to D.C over the past two years and is determined to keep representing District One in the best way he can. 


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