Seniors walk down memory lane, visit elementary school


Seniors had the option to visit all of the elementary schools in the LaPorte School Corporation in a chance to see their elementary school one last time in their caps and gowns before they graduate from high school.

As the seniors walked through the halls of their former schools, elementary school students from all grades sat in the halls, clapped, and gave high-fives to all of the graduating seniors. Some of the elementary students even made signs congratulating the senior class.

“It was a humbling experience. It was weird to see where we started out from knowing where we’re going next,” senior Kaitlin Nash said.

After the seniors walked through the halls one last time, they met with many of their elementary school teachers as well as took pictures in their caps and gowns. After that, the seniors were allowed to play on the school playground.

“It was such a unique experience. To be in a position where I can see my students eight years later, to see you as young adults, that was a priceless moment. It was like when your child comes back home, and you get to see them, and you see them doing well. It was comforting,” Crichfield Elementary 4th grade teacher Miss O’Neal said.

LaPorte High School teachers Mr. Mrozinske and Mrs. Cooper worked for months to make this senior walk a reality. They had to collaborate with the bus garage as well as with all eight of the elementary schools – Crichfield, Hailmann, Handley, Indian Trail, Kingsbury, Kingsford Heights, Lincoln, and Riley – to coordinate when the walk could be done. Additionally, they had to pick a day that could work around everyone’s schedule.

“The Senior Walk is a little daunting to think about because there’s so many kids. It’s the giant field trip of the year, but the end result is so satisfying. I got to go to the Handley one last year and experience the whole thing, and it’s just lovely. The little kids are so excited and in awe of the seniors, and the seniors you can tell just feel emotional and accomplished. It’s so worth it,” Cooper said. 

LaPorte High School seniors are lucky to have been a part of such caring elementary schools and a high school that is willing to create such wonderful field trips for the students’ last year.

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